What is with these Flyers?

I guess you could call me out on being bias but I whole-heartily believe that the Flyers should be better then this....It is becoming increasingly obvious to the Philly Ph-aithful that there is still something off about our boys in Orange and Black. But what is it????

Could be lack of discipline on/off the ice, inconsistent play, maybe Stevens needs to be more assertive on the bench (if that could ever happen), maybe it is too much weight for Emery to bare just coming back from exile....but the bottom line remains that there is something off with this team.

We all get to see glimpses (and man is it awesome!) of how great our boys can be when they are playing on all cylinders and finish games. When things click in Philly, I don't have a doubt in my mind that not even the mighty Pittsburgh could stand toe-to-toe with us on the ice. I am still a firm believer that we had all the right tools last year to beat them and now with strengthening our D-lines with Pronger and getting a competitor in net with Emery, it should be that much more evident. Not the case, still....

Losing to Pitt, losing for extended periods, and losing VERY winnable games, are problems that are still nagging us this season like last....

Personally I think Pitt has put a seed of doubt inside our heads that we can't seem to get around and zaps our game right from us (Always seem to play sloppy hockey when these teams meet anymore). Stats also show the sluggish and lazy play that usually occurs in the 3rd period when the Flyers really need to come out strong and finish the game completely before letting off the gas. Injuries are way up this season then in most past seasons(for every team), probably lost Gagne til the Winter Classic/Olympic break and Betts needs to be a reg. on the ice for us but can't seem to stay healthy. It does take its toll on a team too.

I wanted to throw out a question, like I usually do, for the BSH bloggers here... I know I am basically speaking from my "rookie"  perspective on the Flyers but it is not as in-depth as most the people on here and I know we are all thinking the same thing on what needs to happen with this organization to really push it over that top and make us a legit Stanley Cup contender because with this inconsistent play we won't be getting anywhere close to Lord Stanley's Glory....

2 part question:

1.What do you feel that needs to happen this season (coaching, players, strategy, etc)  to change the fortunes of the club?

2.If we flop at season's end and come out empty-handed....What or more like WHO do you feel would benefit the Flyers most coming to Philly and dawning the Orange sweater for Philly next season? (just for fun and discussion)


The season is far from over and the Flyers should be able to at least make Play-Offs but I'm curious to see what everyone else would like to see happen with the team and what direction it takes if maybe this season doesn't pan out like we all want it to....

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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