Flyers Embarrased Again, This Time in Pittsburgh

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November 16-18.  That is the last time the Flyers won back-to-back games.  A win over New Jersey, followed by a win in Los Angeles.  The team has played fourteen games since then, going 3-11-0.  Six points out of a possible 28.  That's a point percentage of .214.

Who's still holding out hope that this team is a serious Cup contender?  If it was worth it, I'd rattle off a ton of stats about how poorly the team has been playing, but that's an exercise in futility.  The team can't score.  They can't defend.  They can't convert on the power play.  They can't stay out of the box.  They can't do a lot of things.

The final score doesn't even matter.  Brian Boucher let in 6 goals - the last one weak - but he again deserved better.  Three goals were scored on blasts from the face-off dot or below during a rush.  Unacceptable.  A few were rebounds - Guerin's first could be considered a weak goal, but I didn't see an angle showing where the puck was - where the Flyers blew the coverage.

Nothing else matters.  The team lost.  Again.  So, we'll just cut to it.

After the jump, assorted thoughts, Comment of the Night, and Questions with Answers.  I'll spare you the "highlights" since a) I'm against torture; and b) the audio is just as bad as the video.

  • There was a great discussion in the game thread on how much we all hate Pittsburgh sports fans.  It was more enjoyable than the game.  The start.  (There was a very fractured discussion on the same subject here as well.)
  • Communication and awareness in the defensive zone are clearly lacking.  There was a miscommunication between Coburn, Richards, and Carter which made all three look pretty bad, and then Pronger got caught staring at the puck while the goal scorer skated right past him to an open net.  Both were atrocious.
  • Fresh off his suspension, Dan Carcillo was probably the best Flyer on the ice tonight.  One goal, one (rightfully) overturned goal, and a decisive win over Craig Adams.  Oh, and an amazing celebration back when we almost thought that maybe the Flyers might have a chance.
  • As pointed out by MarioD, Cote played a mere 0:31 tonight.  And believe it or not, that was TWO shifts.  His first was cut short by a fight after six seconds.
  • Six out of 7 Flyers finished the night 50% or better in the faceoff circle.  Only Danny Briere failed to do so, and he only took one draw.  Richards, Giroux, and Pyorala were all over 60% on the night, going a combined 65% in the dot.
  • Only two Flyers did not finish the night a minus.  Obviously, you can guess one of them is Riley Cote.  The other?  Ryan Parent.  18:23 of ice time, not one goal scored while he was on the ice.  Not even a PP goal.

Questions with Answers:

  1. Is there any carry over from the Scott Hartnell biting/Kris Letang whining incident that happened when these two teams met back in October?  A little.  Some pushing and shoving, some boos from the crowd, but nothing major.
  2. Can the Flyers keep the intensity up from last night in Boston?  No.
  3. Is Braydon Coburn still injured, and are the Flyers rushing him back so Danny Syvret doesn't see the ice?  Conspiracy theorists would say yes.  Hell, even I say yes.
  4. Power play... yay or nay?  Nay.
  5. The Pens PP has been struggling, but they've revamped it. How's the Flyers PK respond?  By laying down.

Comment of the Night:

The flyers are like the titanic... They look good until they hit the ice.


Now, I'm sure I left a lot out.  But really, "it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care."

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