Best Flyer of the Decade?

Over the last two weeks I've been watching old school Flyers playoff highlights to ease the pain of our current struggles.  As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close this constant reminiscing leads me to beg the question, who was the best Flyer of this decade?  here are some nominees...

Eric Lindross- In here more as an honorable mention than anything else as he didnt really play for the FLyers in the 2000's.  Theres nothing I can say about him that hasn't already been said.  He really belongs more in the conversation of the decade before this one however he did play a season or two and he simply can't be ignored.  WHo knows what would have happened if he kept his head up and avoided Scott Stevens' vicious assasination in game 7 of the 2000 Eastern conference finals.

John Leclair- again, his best years were in the 90's but he was a model of consistency for the Flyers in his time here.  Hard working, physical, dominant down low.  Its a crying shame that he never got to hoist the cup in philadelphia, nor did he get to finish his career here

Mark Recchi-Many forget that he was arguably our best player for the first half of the decade.  A true professional who came to work everyday.  its really hard to root against him nowadays

Jeremy Roenix- he was a lethal scoring threat, a tremendous competitor, and had a rgeat character that was impossible not to love.  i'll never forget his dance after scoring the winning goal in OT in game 7 against the leafs, with Jim Jackson repeating "he scores!" about 50 times in the background

Simon Gagne-quietly one of the most consistent players in the NHL over the past 10 years, even with all the injuries.  He's been with the Flyers through the good times and the bad and he's never once raised his voice to complain, never once exorted his energy to do anything other than playing tremendous hockey.

Keith Primeau- the epitome of Philadelphia Hockey.  He wasn't the fastest or the most skilled, he was simply a workhorse willing to do whatever it took to make his team better.  He had huge shoes to fill when he was traded for Rod Brind'amour and he didn't let the pressure crush him.  when Hitch asked him to play a more defensive oriented role on the team he didn't bat an eye.  The goal in the 5 epic 5 OT game...  and of course...I don't think any of us will ever forget that 2004 playoffs when he strapped the team to his back, had it not been for Martin bleeping St. Louis and the Lightning's fluke season we would have most certainly hoisted the cup that season.  His speech at the Wachovia center when the flyers honored him was touching.  The guy gave this city everything he had, and you can tell he wouldn't have had it any other way.


If you hadn't guessed by my lengthy explanation, My vote goes to Keith Primeau.  what do you guys think?  feel free to add anyone I forgot

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