Pronger is only step one

I am going to start this post off by comparing Pronger with Hatcher which for some reason is something a lot of people think is a just comparison. To those people I say call a doctor cause you head is not screwed on straight.

If you take Pronger and Hatcher both in their primes Hatcher is now where near as good as Pronger, "a 1st ballot Hall of Famer" hopefully he can put together a Lindstrom like career and play at a Norris Trophy level until his is 38 - 39. Pronger is also not only a great physical defender but also a hugh offensive presence and puck mover as well something Hatcher has never been known for just look at their point totals Pronger 606 (142G, 424A) in 1022 GP, Hatcher 331 (80G, 251A). That is pretty damn telling stat similar number of games and almost twice the number of points. I know we don't get to see a lot of Pronger here on the East Coast but if you look at his numbers and accolades he won a MVP, Norris Trophy, Gold Medals, the Stanley Cup, and a 8 time All-Star no offense to Hatch but Pronger is on a completely different level.

Despite of all that when Hatcher was playing with Coburn in his last year I think he was still a really effective and someone the Flyers really missed along with Jason Smith this season, both of them are over 35 and still major contributors to our 2007 run. So if you do dare to make such a comparison solely base on age I wouldn't call Hatcher a complete bust in fact many were hoping he would return for the playoffs last year we certainly could have used him.

Also if you didn't hear Pronger on CNS Sportsnight it sounds like he is going to extend prior to the season. He basically said he wants to finish his career here and doesn't want to have to uproot his whole family again we he did a lot of in the last 3 years. So this is no way going to be a one year rental.

Getting Emery is the only reason why we can afford Pronger so the possibility of keeping Biron with Pronger is a mute point and not worth discussing.

Now for the exciting stuff, wIth 5 milion left under the cap Homer still has so work to do, we need 2 Wingers a 7th defensive and a backup goalie. All of which are very manageable with that number and we don't have to dump any more salary for next year so stop with all the trade Briere and/or Gagne talk. I could only see Jones or Carle being made available especially Carle because they make a lot for 3rd pairing guys. Replacing Carle with Komaiserk would be nice we would have one hell of physical defense if that worked out. But if our defense stays as is for next year I can't complain. Jones is in a contract year and hopefully healthy this would be his last chance to cement himself as a part of this team and hopefully he will play like it. I still don't think he has been the same player since he hit Bergeron. Maybe Pronger can help him forget his past suspensions and play physical again, Chris is certainly an expert at that.

Who the Flyers add on the wing is going to be very interesting in the next coming week. Fan favorite and the all time most over-rated flyer Scottie Upshall is out there to be signed. I am still hoping Knuble comes back he is hard to replace on the PP. I would like to see Sammy Pahlsson picked up if he comes at the right price to help take pressure of top guys in terms of PK and defensive matchup, his faceoff numbers are also real good. Fedotenko is another name from the past and would be a nice finisher to play along with Giroux on the 3rd line. Plus he seems to have a knack for winning cups. Mark Recchi is another vet option will Philly ties he comes cheap at 1-1.5 million. Stay tuned for step two as the Flyers prepare for their 2010 Cup run, we always seem to have a pretty good season on Olympic years, hopefully that trend will continue.

So far so good on this offseason we got the Pens in our sights and they got 9 starters about to hit the open market good luck keeping that team together

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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