A look at Darroll Powe!

I was going to add this as a "reply" to my "Depth Chart 2009-2010" post from a few days ago....but as I was thinking about what I wanted to occurred to me more and more to make this a fresh new topic....there's a few Powe supporters and a few Powe neigh-sayors....

With the loss of Right Wingers Mike Knuble and Joffrey Lupul in the offseason and Scottie Upshall late last season...the Flyers are really thin at Right Wing....they are pretty strong at Center (depending where ya place Danny Briere..)...and they are strong at Left Wing (Gagne, Hartnell, and Carcillo, with Cote as your enforcer)

But at Right Wing...there is Claude Giroux, who is projected to have a bright future, despite having just 48 NHL games (including playoffs) under his belt, but after that? Arron Asham..a lot of NHL experience, but mostly as an aggitator or goon, and Laperriere another one with lots of NHL experience, but mostly an aggitator or goon....

so right now...unless the Flyers' front office is able to make a move and find someone on the market....Darroll Powe seems to be a wild Claude Giroux, Darroll Powe played in his first NHL season last year, but unlike Claude Giroux..Powe didn't make a lot of this is a little run down of how this career AHLer faired in the NHL and what he brings to the table from an athletic standpoint...

This is Powe's NHL performance in the 2008-09 regular season and some other basic information..

According the Philadelphia Flyers website...
Darroll Powe is 5'11" and weighs 212 pounds (he's not very tall, but of the 12 forwards listed he is currently the second heaviest forward on the team, behind Riley Cote at 220 pounds)

According to Steve Coates (Coatsie) the Flyers ace insider...

he says Darroll Powe is the fastest skater on the I guess that means from goal line to goal line he's the fastest Flyers' forward...
So that means he is big and fast!

So his weight gives him the potential to be a Power Forward on one of the lines....

According to the scouting report on this website, under "Flyers" --> "Choose a Player: Darroll Powe" and "Grading the Flyers: Darroll Powe" under the "archeives section"

Darroll Powe skates hard, fights for pucks in the corner, is tough to knock off the puck......aren't those are the basic credentials of what you want from a Winger in Ice Hockey?

So, now to what he actually did in the NHL....(this is regular season only and the stats are from NHL . com)

Games Played: 60 (about 73% of the season)

Ice Time: 632:20 (about 10:32 per game)

Power Play Time: 2:52 (so he didn't play Power Play)

Penalty Kill Time: 60:24 (about 1:00 per game)

Face-off Attempts: 263 (about 4 Face-offs per he didn't play Center much)

Face-offs won: 128 ( on average he took 4 face-offs per game and won 2 per game)

Give Aways: 14

Take Aways 21

Hits: 124 (almost 2 per game)

Blocked Shots: 31

Minor Penalties: 15 (1 out of every 4 games he was called for a penalty)

Plus/Minus: -8 (so the flyers were scored on, more than the flyers scored when Powe was on the ice)

Assists: 5 (1 out of every 12 games he recorded an assist)

Shots on Goal: 72

Power Play Goals: 0

Short-Handed Goals: 0

Goals (overall): 6 (1 out of every 10 games he scored a goal)

The more I think about it, this becomes important to analyze's Powe's post season performance:

Games Played: 6

Ice Time: 84:10 (about 12:12 per game)

Power Play Time: 2:11 (so he didn't play Power Play)

Penalty Kill Time: 8:45 (about 1:30 per game)

Face-off Attempts: 13 (6th on the team in face-off attempts for the playoffs; 2 per game)

Face-offs won: 5 (38%).....I assume he playing wing, and whoever was taking the face-off must have gotten kicked out of the circle and switched with Powe; this was probably the same scenario for most of the regular season.

Give Aways: 2

Take Aways 0

Hits: 16

Blocked Shots: 8

Minor Penalties: 1 minor penalty (1 minor penalty in 6 post season games..against the Pens....that shows poise!)

Major Penalties: 1 Fighting Major (so man power wasn't effected)

Plus/Minus: 0 (in this catagory, he improved in the playoffs, compared to his regular season performance)

Assists: 2 (1 out of every 3 post-season games he recorded an assist)

Shots on Goal: 10

Power Play Goals: 0

Short-Handed Goals: 0

Goals (overall): 1 (so he recorded a playoff goal)

So, with his statistics......he wasn't a complete stiff.

My Analysis

Based on his NHL performance...he wasn't a complete stiff. It's not a great first season...but I think you could say, it's a good first season...there is room for improvement....

But, with the Flyers weaknesses.....and Powe's physical assets, his speed, his 66 NHL games (regular & post season) as well as his overall performance in those games....I think he could aid one of the lines as a powerforward..

his height might be tough to screen a tall goalie....but his weight, and being tough to knock around...he could possibly be able to plant himself in front of the net and look to clean up rebounds or tip in shots from the go along with it he has speed...whether he can utilize it in all phases of a hockey game at the NHL level remains to be seen, but he deserves a chance...

Maybe at best he's a third liner....but I think he has some projected capabilities that he could aide a scoring line. Maybe if he would play a lot of minutes, NHLers would exploit parts of his game....but, doesn't he deserve a chance?

I still think he could fit on a line with Danny Briere, and Simon Gagne....he could help them, and they could help him...the key is if he can play a power forward role, like Mike Knuble did....

This is just a thought......of course the front office could make a move and I will completely change my mind....but right now, with what the Flyers have.....what do ya think?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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