"Be Excellent to Each Other!" (in Keanu Reeves voice)

Editor's Note #2: Mikefive wrote this FanPost over two years ago; but today's game threads emphasized the fact that we're in the same situation again. Things have been getting a little rough around here lately, and we each need to take a step back to remember that we're all here to enjoy the conversation. - DG

Editor's Note: Since the season has begun, we've seen an influx in members, opinions, comments, and discussion. With that comes a lot of great things, but on the flip side, Ben, Geoff, and myself feel that the level of civility around the site has gone down. It makes us less attractive to new readers, opposing fans, and everybody in between. So, starting today, we're going to be cleaning up the nonsense. There are community guidelines that you should have read when you first signed up here at Broad Street Hockey, and they will be enforced strongly.

If you break one of the guidelines, you will be warned and your content may be deleted. If you continue to break the guidelines, you may be banned temporarily or on a permanent basis. This isn't to be a dick, of course -- it's to protect every member's opinion.

Below is a fanpost written by mikefive back in August. It explains in ways better than I ever could exactly what we're talking about here. Read it, learn it, and live it. - Travis

Hi everyone,

I realize that this post is not Flyer-related per se, and I'm somewhat hesitant to post this since I'm not BSH staff or anything, but here goes...

When I first found BSH, I was thrilled to pieces. While I had come across good Flyers sites before (like The Flyer Frequent), here was one where I could openly and regularly discuss my favorite team with other fans. Perhaps more importantly, I did not have to put up with the idiocy that came from readers of Puck Daddy.* Everyone here respected the Flyers' history while realizing that the current edition of the team is not a dirty one. Furthermore, all of the posters respected one another.

Methinks that civility has gone down a bit here. Maybe it's the August heat; maybe we're impatient and want the puck to drop tomorrow; I don't know. It seems like the population is growing here, which is great. Travis and his crew have done a great job and deserve all of the recognition and readership they get. However, with more people come more personalities, which unfortunately is leading to less civility. Instead of having agreeable disagreements, we are getting name-calling, and quite frankly it's reminding me of why I left Puck Daddy in the first place.

I don't mean to sound like a first-grade teacher, but can we please keep ourselves in check? This is a great site with plenty of room for healthy discussion. Let's keep it that way.

* For what it's worth, I'm not trying to disparage Puck Daddy as a blog. Greg Wyshynski had a good idea in mind when he created it. However, it's a lousy forum for discussion. Everyone is dismissive of everyone else because everyone hates everyone else's teams, so no real discussion happens or can happen. Let's please do our best to make sure that BSH does not go down a similar path.


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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