Flyers at Toronto, Round 2 (Preseason Hockey)

First of all, I'd like to apologize to the board for my previous post, titled "Cellar Dwellars". I feel embarrased for not proof reading it before I "published" it, because some of the sentences didn't make sense.

Anyway, the point of that post was an attempt to point out how the Flyers were playing. For the game tonight, I was listening to the broadcast via Radio on my way home from work, and Chris Therian (Bundy), summed up what I was trying to say in my previous post.

The Flyers were not playing with effort or passion in London.

Yes it's Preseason, but they still need to go out there and play with effort. Play because they love the game. And it's Mike Richards' (The Captain's) responsibility to go out there and inspire the team to play. That's why I jumped all over him, for the teams efforts in London.

Tonight the team played better, this was the first time that Mike Richards and Chris Pronger suited up together. For 2 periods tonight, Mike Richards was a different animal, and I wonder how much Pronger had to do with that.

On to last night's game. (For those who didn't see or hear it).

The Flyers had a lot of their regulars in the lineup tonight, except for Gagne, Timonen, Carter, and Asham.

The only positives so far this preseason has been the Penalty Kill and was it in full force tonight.


Hits: 11 combined (Flyers: 4/Leafs: 7)

Fights: 3 (Colton Orr beat up Riley Cote; Lee Stempniak beat up Dan Carcillo; and Garnet Exelby beat up Ian Laperriere)

Penalties: (not counting Fighting Majors) both teams combined for 11 penalties

with 5:37 left in the first period, there were 6 penalties called-

Exelby for Roughing, Leperriere for charging, Stempniak for Fighting, Carcillo for Fighting, Jason Allison for Roughing, and Darroll Powe for Roughing (so no power plays here)

Special Teams:

Flyers had only 1 Power Play opportunity, at 12:28 when Colton Orr went to the box for interference. The Flyers made the most of their opportunity and scored 1:03 into the Power Play (this was the Flyers first PP goal of the preseason)/

Maple Leafs were 1 for 5 in Power Play opportunities. When Matt Stajan scored on the Leafs first PP opportunity. **it should be noted, that the Leafs 5th opportunity, which began at 1:29 left in the period (after a Powe Roughing call), would carry over into the Second Period, which the Flyers successfully kill**


Leafs out shot the Flyers 11 to 7 in the Period

Ray Emery stopped 9 of 11 shots (.818 save percentage)

Vesa Toskala stopped 6 of 7 shots (.857 save percentage)


1. The Leafs opened the scoring with 16:33 left in the period, when Matt Stajan scored a Power Play Goal to put the Leafs ahead 0 to 1 (I believe this is the first PP Goal given up by the Flyers this preseason). Tomas Kaberle & John Mitchell recorded the Assists.

Riley Cote was in the box for roughing, the remaining Flyers on the ice for Stajan Goal were: Mike Richards, Claude Giroux, Braydon Coburn, Randy Jones (why is he on the PK?), and Ray Emery

2. The Flyers answer back with 8:35 left in the period, when Mike Richards scores on the "Peco" Power Play to tie the game at 1 to 1 (I believe this is the Flyers first PP Goal of the Preseason). JVR and RANDY JONES! get the assists.

On the Ice for the Flyers for Richards Goal: David Laliberte, JVR, Coburn, Jones (surprised?), and Emery.

3. with 1:47 left in the Period the Leafs retake the lead 2 to 1, when Alexei Ponikarovsky scores an even strength Goal. (yes John Stevens' team again gives up a goal with under 2-minutes to go in a period). Mike Komisarek and Rickard Wallin record the assists.

On the Ice for the Flyers for Ponikarovsky's Goal: Richards (-1), Laliberte (-1), JVR (-1), Coburn (-1), Danny Syvret (-1), and Ray Emery

Flyers end the Period down 1 to 2, and down a man to start the Second.


Hits: 13 combined (Flyers: 7/Leafs: 6)

Fights: 1 (Mike Komisarek destroys Darroll Powe)

Penalties: (not counting Fighting Majors) both teams combined for 10 minor penalties in the period.

at 16:14 left in the period, the Leafs' Jay Rosehill is called for Roughing and is charged a double-minor.

50-seconds after the first Rosehill minor expires, Francois Beachemin is called for tripping, giving the Flyers 1:10 of 5-on-3.

with 5:55 left in the period, five penalties are issued (a fighting major to both Darroll Powe and Mike Komisarek, Powe gets an extra 2, Riley Cote picks up an Unsportsmanlike penalty, and Jay Rosehill is called for charging

with 0:59 left in the period, Briere is called for Roughing, but suckers John Mitchell and Luke Schenn into taking roughing calls as well, giving the Flyers a PP, that if necessary would give the Flyers 1:01 of PP time to begin the 3rd.

Instead, the Flyers 0:59 PP ends at the buzzer, when Matt Carle picks up a Boarding minor and Dan Carcillo gets a 10-minute misconduct.

Special Teams:

Flyers had lots of Power Play time in the Period. The Flyers were 1 for 4 in the period, on PP opportunities. They took advantage of the 5 on 3 opportunity to tie the game at 2 to 2.

The Leafs were 0 for 1 in the second Period on the Power Play.


With all their Power Play opportunities the Flyers dominated the Leafs in shooting, 16 to 3.

Ray Emery was 1 for 1 in the period.

at the 10:26 mark, Emery was replaced in net by Brian Boucher. (Emery finished his night stopping 10 of 12 shots, for a pathetic .833 Save Percentage)

Bouch stopped the only 2 shots he saw in the Second Period.


1. At 13:07 left in the period, and with a 5-on-3 advantage the Flyers tied the game 2 to 2, when Chris Pronger scored his first goal as a Flyer. Matt Carle and Mike Richards get the assists.

On the ice for the Flyers when Pronger scored: Richards, Briere, Hartnell, Carle, and Emery.

2. at 8:41 Danny Briere (+1) scored an even strength goal, to give the Flyers a 3 to 2 lead. Claude Girouxe is credited with an assist.

Flyers on the ice when Briere scored: Giroux (+1), Powe (+1), Bell (+1), Pronger (+1), Carle (+1), Boucher

3. at 3:02 left in the period Danny Briere (+2) scored another even strength goal to give the Flyers a 4 to 2 lead. No assists on the goal.

Flyers on the ice for Briere's second goal: Dan Carcillo (+1), Scott Hartnell (+1), Braydon Coburn (0), Syvret (0), and Boucher

The Flyers end the Second up by 2 goals (4 to 2), the Third will start 4 on 4 Hockey and at 19:59, the Leafs will have 0:59 of PP time.


Hits: 13 combined (Flyers: 6/Leafs: 7)

Fights: None.

Penalties: The teams combine for 6 penalities (Flyers 5, Leafs 1)

at 17:07 Colton Orr & Scott Hartnell both get roughing calls, Orr gets an extra two. This would be the Flyers loan PP opportunity of the Period.

at 8:32 Briere gets called for tripping

at 5:49 Mike Richards, from his own end, shoots the puck out of play and goes to the box for Delay of Game.

with 50-seconds expired in the Richards Penalty (the 4:01 mark in the game), Braydon Coburn is called for holding and gives the leafs 1:10 of 5 on 3. (with Richie! your best penalty killer, unavailable)

Before Coburn's Penalty can expire, Darroll Powe is called for hooking (at 3:40) Darroll Powe is called for hooking, giving the Leads 1:39 of more 5 on 3 (at least Richie was out of the box for this one).

Special Teams:

The Flyers Power Play was 0 for 1 in the third.

The Leafs Power Play was 1 for 4 in opportunities.


With much of their time on the Penalty Kill, the Flyers are out shot 4 to 10.

Boucher is 8 for 10 in the Period (.800 Save percentage)

Toskala is 4 for 4 in the Period (1.000 Save Percentage)


1. At 10:08 left in the Period, Niklas Hagman cuts the Flyers lead in half, when he scores an even strength goal to make it 4 to 3. Matt Stajan and Colton Orr get the assists.

Flyers on the Ice for Hagman's goal: Ian Laperriere (-1), Riley Cote (-1), Blair Betts (-1), Jones (surprised? -1), Bell (0), Boucher

2. with 3:50 left in the game and the Flyers with 2-men in the Box, complete the comback when Francois Beachmenin burns Boucher to tie the game 4 to 4. (Yes! John Stevens' team again can't hold on to a lead. I know it's preseason, but we've seen this for the past 2 regular seasons, the past 2 post god! when is enough, enough?) Tomas Kaberle gets the only assist.

Flyers on the ice for Beachmenin's goal: Laperriere, Pronger (first time #20 is on the ice when the Flyers get burned), Matt Carle, and Brian Boucher

Three Periods is not enough to settle this preseason contest, so we go into Over Time!


Hits: 2 combined (Flyers: 1/Leafs: 1)

Fights: None.

Penalties: NONE!

Shots: Flyers 1/Leafs 1

Toskala is 1 for 1 in OT

Boucher is burned on the only shot he faces (0 for 1)


at 3:37 in OT Niklas Hagman scores his second even strength goal of the game, and the Game winner. The goal is unassisted.

Flyers on the ice for the death blow: The Captain (-2), JVR (-2), Coburn (-1), Jones (I cannot believe it! -1), Boucher

FLYERS Lose 4 to 5!


Hits: 39 overall (18 Flyers/21 Leafs)

Fights: 4

Penalties: 36 between both clubs (8 Fighting Majors, 1 misconduct, 27 minors)

Special Teams: Flyers 2 for 6 (1 for 1 on 5-on-3 opportunities); Leafs 2 for 10 (1 for 2 on 5-on-3 opportunities)

Shots: Flyers: 29/Leafs: 24

Goalies: Emery (Flyers): 10 for 12 (.833 percentage); Boucher (Flyers): 10 for 13 (.769 percentage) - Losing Goalie; Toskala (Leafs): 24 for 28 (.857) - Winning Goalie

My thoughts:

The Flyers played with much better enthusiasm in this game. Unfortunately they didn't play 60 minutes. No surprise that John Stevens team couldn't hold a lead. The Penalties by Richards & Coburn in the clutch was the dagger. Brain lapse like that is not something you want to see out of your captain. 

Ray Emery needs to get better, 10 of 12 in 1-1/2 periods of work is not gonna get it done. And Brian Boucher, doesn't look like the guy who was backing up Evgeni Nabokov last season. You have to make those OT saves.

With the amount of penalties the Flyers are taking. I wonder, if they are out of shape? I wonder if they are taking those penalties so they can go catch a breather, cause they didn't spend the offseason staying in shape. Maybe Stevens needs to spend the rest of the preseason just whipping these guys into shape, instead of installing systems.

What do you all think?





This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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