Week 1 Recap

5 of 6 was almost a perfect way to start, but I'll take it. And I'm sure all of you will too. Now we saw the 2010-11 Flyers full expected roster vs. The Avs, lets look back and see how the guys have been so far.

N/A: Andreas Nodl. Hasn't played yet, no grade here.

F: Only one Flyers gets an F: Matt Walker for being the highest paid 8th defense-men ever (not positive, but highly likely). Oscars beat him out. LOL. Good for Oscars.

D: Dan Carcillo and Nikolay Zherdev get the only D's but I'm only really worried for CarBomb. His shifts are being taken away on the top line and his time is running out. He hasn't done anything except take a bad penalty. Zherdev's line has had pressure in the offensive zone a lot, and he hasn't been scored on yet. He'll be fine, but I can't say the same for Car Bomb.

C: Only two guys here, and it is the BEFORE PRONGER versions of O'Donnell and Meszaros. O'D struggled with Bartullis with a few bad turnovers, and Meszaros showed why he's not capable of being on the top pair as he did nothing at all with Matt Carle. More to come on these guys later.

C+: Two guys get C+'s and they are line mates. Hartsey and Ville are the winners of this grade. Lieno has 2 assists and Hartnell has nothing. Nothing "horrible" here but Hartnell's 0 points -2 in three games is a little bit concerning. We are winning and Danny has been scoring, so I am not worried. As long as that line stays together, they will be fine. I could have given Ville a B but his assists have been secondary and nothing special.

B: Lots of guys here, lets go 1 by 1. Jeff Carter's two goals are okay, not "A" worthy. The GWG was huge. 14 shots in 3 games is nice, but when him and Richie click, there should be PPG worthy. Matt Calre is here too, he's got a +3 (+2 last game w/ CP) with a point, but didn't do much before Pronger. Shelley goes here too. Sorry haters, but he's done his job, he's banged some bodies, and no one has been killed on our side yet. Carbomb and Powe have been able to roam free without having to answer for it. Both goalies go here, nothing major there. Solid play,  nothing great, but nothing bad.

B+: Oscars Bartulis beat out Matt Walker and he wasn't noticed at all (except for taking some hits) and was a +1. Richie's 3 assists in 3 games gets him here. He's +2 and has just picked up where he left off last post season. Kimmo's here also, no points, no mistakes, and he's just been quiet. With Pronger on the back end with him, and the fire power up front, I have nothing wrong with Kimmo being a pure shut down guy, which he has been his whole carrier. Also, with Braydon playing like he is, Kimmo gets some credit for it.

A-: Danny Briere: 2 goals, both huge. Danny has returned form last playoffs, and he's on the "defensive position" in our 4 F 1 D PP.

A: Braydon Coburn is a different player. 6 PIM is too many, but I have been so impressed with his physical play that he gets an A. Blair Betts gets an easy A. He's a PK wiz and tacked on a goal. Add a +3 and another assist and you have a huge cog to the Flyer machine. Lappy gets credit for the Darrol Powe "A" he's about to receive. See: "Betts, Blair" for the reasoning. Goal, Assist, +2. Awesome. Pronger is healthy for game 3, thus getting him an automatic A. Andrej Meszaros and Sean O'Donnell last game, with Pronger were fantastic. They hit everything that moved. JVR gets an A, he's a different player. Stronger, Faster, and more confident.

A+: Claude Giroux. Enough said.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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