The Flyers FINALLY got off of the schneid on the PP last night after a poor 0-17 start. I know we had a bunch of chances, but scoring 2 PP goals was huge for this team, one for Zherdev and one for Reemer. Both guys have had fantastic pre-season’s so far, and big years are very possible for these two. What is to expect from these guys goal wise has been a big debate. Zherdev is easily a 20 goal scorer in this league. Every year where he played 70+ games he has scored 23 goals and had 50 points. Is it reasonable to think that he’ll keep those numbers here? Probably. Reemer has looked like a total beast this preseason, whether its putting guys in the hospital, scoring dirty goals, or killing penalties. He had 15/20/35 last year. An improvement is eminent. Now here comes the question: Being totally stacked up front with Richards, Carter, Briere, Giroux, and Hartnell, Lieno, Guerin, JVR, and Zherdev will primary PP minutes?

95% of the guys who are legitimate “scorers” in this league, play on the PP. We have 9 of those guys to fill 6 spots. The short answer is the time will be split, but how? Adding up all of the PP TOI/60 I got 22.95 minutes for the forwards. Gags had 3.1. The guys like Pyorola and LiLaberte had .86 and .46. Total them up to get 4.42. I’m leaving guys like Ash, Carcillo, Powe, Betts, Lappy, etc. to count for the last 8 seconds of the PP when we put the checking line on which totals 1.19. This means that in 7.5 minutes of powerplay a game, its roughly 22.95-1.19=21.76 minutes a game of PP time to split. Of those 21.76, 17.34 are from returning guys with only 4.42 left for the new guys. Let’s take a look.

Mike Richards: Led the team last year with 3:14 mintues a game. He’s the only forward who plays the point at all, which will help when Pronger is out for the time being. He leads the team in Goals/60 (2.80), ASST1/60 (3.03) and PTS/60 (6.30). It’s safe to say he should be chalked in for those three minutes a game.  (Total 3 of 21.76)

Jeff Carter: 3rd on team behind Gags and Richie with 2.98 minutes per game. Don’t know much about Corsi, but compared to Richie’s 6.57, Carter is a -14.398, that can’t be good. He’s fourth on the team in G/60 with 2.18 (#2 only had 2.23), 4th in Assist1, 3rd in Assist 2, and 4th in Points/60. He’s affective, and has a deadly shot. He’s our best pure scorer and his three minutes a game will stay. (total 6 of 21.76)

Danny Briere: 4th in TOI with 2.88 minutes and was one of only four forwards with a positive rating (no idea what rating means, can’t find it anywhere), with the others being Harts, Claude, and Richie. Goals was 2.23 (2nd), Assist1 and 2 were both 1.11 with a 6th place and a 4th place, respectively. 5th on the team in Pts/60, which is okay, but after the playoffs he had, and the good start to the preseason, his 3 minutes are staying. (total 9/21.76)

Claude Giroux: 5th in TOI with 2.75 and the second highest rating on the team (one of only two over a +1). 6th in goals, 4th in A1, 1st in A2, with a 5th in points. Claude Giroux is a star who will top 70 points this year. He’s going to eat up PP minutes. Chalk him up for right round three a game. (12/21.76).

The Big Guys… Hartnell v. JVR: Time to compare, because JVR might have the skills but Harts has been doing it for a long time and is a 30 goal scorer. Harts was a 2.67 minutes/60 to JVR’s 1.42. Whatever rating is, it really favors Scotty, with the highest on the team of a 1.87, and JVR is the lowest of the PP guys with a -3.61. Lack of PP time had to have hurt him here. Goals 2.22 to 2.17 favor Harts. Assists: .83 to .54 foavor Harts. Assists 2: 1.08 to .83 favor JVR. Points: 3.89 to 3.79 favor Harts. This decision is the toughes, but their combined almost four minutes a game should stay the same, leveling out to 2 a game for each of these guys. (16/21.76).

Ville Lieno: His regular season sample size was limited. These numbers are regular season. Giving his numbers here would skew the charts, so I’m just going to say in 13 games he had 2/2/4. Then comes the playoffs. 19 games, 7 goals, 14 assists, 21 points. Rookie record. He’s taking up another 2 minutes. (18/21.76)

Without even looking at numbers, Zherdev will get closer to 3 of those minutes, while Guerin/others will take up closer to the 1. But for the sake of numbers, lets see how Zherdev did two years ago and Guerin last year.

Guerin: FOUR.23 MINUTES A GAME! Alsmost as much as Crosby and Malkin (4.78,4.66). Shows how much deeper we are than them. Those four minutes might go to Ash! Guerin had the HIGHEST G/60 of the guys who had one minute a game with 2.00 (over Malkin and Crosby). His A1/A2 were low totaling around 1, but his Points/60 were 3.0. Its safe to say that this guy just stood in front and put in Malkin/Crosby’s trash. The three of these guys tore up the minutes but were just okay.

Zherdev 08-09: TOI: 5th on NY with 2.73. Goals/60: Lowest of anyone who scored: .54. A1: 2nd lowest of all assisters: .54. A2: 2nd highest: 1.07. Points: 2nd lowest of all scorers: 2.14. All of that being said… His Rating was 2.24, by far the highest. Secodn was 1. 3rd was .24. Rest were in the negatives. That rating would be the highest of anyone on the team.  ”RATING - Behindthenet Rating (+/- relative to team)”. That is what rating is, and he dominated in it. He’ll be fine with those three minutes a game.

In conclusion, we are really good on the PP and have lots and lots of options. We can play forwards at the point in addition to our 2 great QB’s up top. We have guys who go down low. We have guys who camp behind the net. We got snipers, scorers, dishers, whatever a PP can have… we got it.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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