Out with the old, in with the new

I'm aware that I'm like 3 days late but apparently Michael Leighton is skating with the team again. The Flyer's website reported that Leights finally skated with the team and actually saw some shots on Nov. 10th. 

It wouldn't be a complete Flyers season without a little bit of goalie controversy, would it? For now, the tandem of Bouch and Bobo are doing pretty well, and as of that news article there's no timetable for Leighton to return to work. But when "G-Day" finally does roll around Lavy will be faced with a bit of a difficult decision...go with the Leights/Boosh combo that took us to the Cup Finals last year? Or, go with Bobo and dump one of your seasoned vets.

Personally I like the sound of a Bobo/Leighton tandem with Boosh getting put on waivers or traded. While I don't forget that Boosh actually got us into the playoffs last year and disposed of the D's in 5 games in the first round, he's just proved time and time again that he's an O.K. backup...nothing more. Leighton is pretty much the same story.

In his 7 year NHL career he's played for a whopping 4 teams and has never played more than 35 games in a single season. He's also been put on waivers 4 times (including the Flyers, who he played 4 games with before getting picked up by the Canes). All things considered though I like Leighton for 2 reasons, his contract and Jeff Reese.

Nobody in their right mind is going to take Michael Leighton off our hands with his cap hit, not given his track record. Antti Niemi, who actually won the Stanley Cup last year had a hard time finding a job this needless to say, Leighton will most likely end up staying here till his contract expires. The second reason I would pick Leights over Boosh is Jeff Reese. 

Jeff Reese, the Flyers' goaltending coach, is one of the best in the business. After Philly picked up Leights from the Canes last year Reese instantly started work with Leighs and turned our season around real quick. After posting a 4.29 GAA and a .848 Sv Pct in Carolina, he came here and by seasons end had a spectacular 16-5-3 record with a 2.49 GAA and a .918 Sv Pct. He is easily the reason we even contended for a playoff spot on the last game of the season. After finally making a return in the all-important Bruins series, he backstopped the Flyers into making history and then slapping around the Habs who just beat out the President's Trophy winners and the defending champions respectively. 

Yes, ultimately he did fall apart in the Finals and we obviously didn't win but it's my feeling that if the situation was flipped, and we had to contend with Boosh replacing Emery all season...that historic cup run would never have been possible, Carter would have been getting blasted in Olde City and Sea Isle in April instead of June. While both Leights and Boosh are career backups, I gotta go with Leights this time around. But this is just my opinion, I'm curious to hear whether you guys agree...disagree and why.

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