Checking in with the Flyers VUKOTA Through 33 Games

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 18: The Philadelphia Flyers bench and fans celebrate after the second period goal by Simon Gagne #12 against the Montreal Canadiens in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Wachovia Center on May 18, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Now that finals are over (Finally!) and we looked at the Phantoms' rookies, why not see how VUKOTA is doing so far for the Flyers?

If you remember, VUKOTA predicted a fairly similar team performance, but individuals were projected to return to a level closer to what was expected last year - as opposed to what was given last year.

I have a lot more information than what will be posted - so as not to overload with numbers - so if you're curious, just ask. But jump for the tables.

On the left, you'll see the projections and on the right, the current rates. I took into account games missed, which is why Carcillo is projected to play 45 games.  Also, assists aren't listed because who cares about passing? No, seriously, I that's two columns less, and dramatically fewer numbers. Plus, I figure you can do the math if you really want.

GP G Pts GP G Pts
Blair Betts 62.1 6.3 13.9 82.0 7.5 22.4
Danny Briere 65.2 22.5 53.0 74.5 39.8 59.6
Dan Carcillo 63.7 9.1 20.6 44.7 2.5 5.0
Jeff Carter 77.4 35.8 69.9 82.0 32.3 67.1
Claude Giroux 69.8 19.6 51.3 82.0 39.8 74.5
Scott Hartnell 71.7 20.2 48.9 82.0 19.9 54.7
Ville Leino 53.9 10.1 25.0 82.0 17.4 57.2
Darroll Powe 60.4 8.7 16.7 82.0 7.5 24.8
Mike Richards 77.3 30.1 71.6 82.0 27.3 77.0
Jody Shelley 50.3 2.5 7.4 77.0 2.5 7.5
James van Riemsdyk 72.8 18.7 40.9 72.1 17.4 37.3

The first thing you should notice is just how accurate VUKOTA is through 40% of the season. The only big outliers are Blair Betts, Dan Carcillo, Claude Giroux, and Ville Leino.  And only Carcillo's projection is low.

Pretty impressive if the Flyers actually end up with six 50-point forwards and four 25-goal scorers. If that happens, you might say the VUKOTA projections were off. But I think we'll all be okay with that.

Name GP A Pts GP A Pts
Oskars Bartulis 51.8 7.4 9.0 7.5 0.0 0.0
Matt Carle 72.3 25.7 32.3 82.0 34.8 37.3
Braydon Coburn 72.9 18.3 23.8 82.0 17.4 19.9
Andrej Meszaros 68.3 15.4 21.3 79.5 27.3 29.8
Sean O`Donnell 62.1 9.4 10.8 82.0 17.4 17.4
Chris Pronger 72.0 35.8 45.6 77.0 27.3 37.3
Kimmo Timonen 68.5 26.6 32.4 82.0 34.8 37.3

If you remember or re-read the VUKOTA preview, you already know the Flyers had too many projected games out of their defensemen. This group of players weren't projected to go over (I removed Walker, since he hasn't played yet), but until Wednesday, they were staying remarkably healthy.

They also were playing quite well.

Honestly, there isn't a lot to breakdown here, as VUKOTA - so far - is quite accurate. I guess that's the good news: The Flyers individually are playing as expected. What does that mean for the team? Well, one would assume only great things.

That is all. Enjoy.

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