Flyers embarrassed by Bruins (or did they embarrass themselves?), lose 5-1

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Because Ben, Travis, and I were at the game tonight, we're doing a recap by committee.  As the first one home - but sick - I opted to simply answer the questions.

There will be more to come, whether it be later tonight or tomorrow.

Travis' take: I'm gonna leave this short and to the point, because there's really no sense in laying out how bad the defense was tonight. Or how inept the offense was in simply crossing the Bruins blue line. Or in.. ah, screw it. Ms. Benes, a little help please? What was your opinion on tonight's game?


Ben's take:  Elaine speaks adequately and articulately on the matter, and I can't really top her way with words.  But I will say that this was one of the worst games, quality wise, that I have ever seen in person.  Not just for the Flyers, because the Bruins weren't really all that great either for most of it.  I thought it was bizarre how twice a player whose team had the puck in the offensive zone initiated a fight, and I thought it was bizarre how sleep deprived that guy who does the TV timeout entertainment looked.  Speaking of him and his wares, if you have any inclination to buy one of those "O'Van Riemsdyk" shirts, save your money.  There are much better t-shirt options in the pipeline, I can assure you.

In happier news, I saw two Seidenberg Deutschland jerseys at the game tonight, which was fairly surreal.  I also saw what appeared to be a Danny Syvret practice jersey, which somebody theoretically paid money for.  Or they stole it out of his bag, one of the two.

Geoff continues below with the questions...

Questions with Answers:

  1. Will Leighton allow the typical one-weak-goal-per-game tonight?  Well, there were certainly a few bad goals, and a few close calls, but I'm not sure if any were at the same level.  That isn't to say he played well though, because he didn't.
  2. How will Boston come out? Do they look even more determined in the aftermath of losing Savard?  The Bruins didn't have many shots in the first 10 minutes, but they quickly took over the game.  Outside of about 2 minutes to start the third, the game was entirely Boston.
  3. Can the top line of Richards-Gagne-Carcillo keep up their hot play?  They played well, but not good enough.  Richards didn't do too much, Carcillo is probably going to be suspended, and Gagne had some really bad luck.
  4. Carter has nine goals in nine games. 10 in 10?  Yes.

Like I said, this is short, but we're all tired and I'm sick.  Ben and Travis probably aren't even home yet, so have at it in the comments.

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