Unacceptable: Flyers blow late lead, fall in OT 4-3


The Flyers blew 3-1 third period lead on Thursday night before losing 4-3 in overtime to the Minnesota Wild. In the midst of this playoff race with less than 10 games remaining in the season, that result is unacceptable. Hell, that's unacceptable in the third game of the season. The fact that this happened tonight is just the latest reminder that this Flyers team is lacking something -- or several things.

It could be goaltending, which certainly wasn't good tonight. Brian Boucher actually kicked in the overtime goal on his own, perhaps as some kind of hat tip to the Philadelphia Union, who kicked off their MLS season tonight.

It could be the defense, who were just invisible tonight in front of their goaltender. It could be the offense, who despite outshooting the Wild 35-21 were unable to take control of this game at really any juncture.

In reality, it's everybody. It's the goaltenders, who just aren't good enough. It's the offense, who just aren't playing to their potential. It's the defense, who just looks lost more often than not. It's the coaching staff, who just doesn't seem to have any answers. This Flyers team loses as a team each and every night. You can't blame one group or one player on this team, because they're all at fault.

Most of us are convinced now that this team isn't going very far in the playoffs. Very recently, they were sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference, but it's safe to say that with the way they've played since the weekend, the playoffs are not a guarantee. Some people don't want to see the playoffs for fear of embarrassment, and you know what? That's a perfectly fair assessment.

The Flyers really need to get their acts together. They're a better team then they are playing. We're restless and absolutely sick of this crap.

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the night.

Questions with Answers

  1. How much will the Matt Carle injury effect the overall play of the defense tonight? The defense was just terrible tonight. It's tough to really make much more of an assessment than that.
  2. The Flyers always have trouble with the backup goaltenders, as they did with Anton Khudobin last time these teams played. Can they solve Niklas Backstrom, who is, you know, good? 35 shots and only three go in. Seriously, you do the math.
  3. Same idea, do the Flyers clearly lack chemistry tonight thanks to all the line shuffling that's gone on? Might've been part of the problems.
  4. Danny Briere is back at center... how's that work out? He looked good there. Seemed to have a lot more room to move, and the line of him, Gags, and Leino wasn't really all that bad. 

Comment of the Night

OK for serious, WHAT THE ****!?!?

TV is taken up, flyers up 3-1, tv is mine, 3-2
Girlfriend calls, 3-2 we have chances, we hang up, 3-3


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