Flyers Deadline Rumor Roundup, 11 AM: Vokoun? Roloson?

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We heard on Tuesday that the Flyers were interested in Tomas Vokoun, but it seemed like the salary cap implications were too hefty. At the same time, Vokoun was asked about waiving his no-trade clause and he said he would, to the right team.

So will he be on the move today? George Richards at the Miami Herald doesn't think so.

It appears that the Panthers are not only sellers, but they will refuse no reasonable offer. Everything must go. I know I said yesterday that I didn't think Tomas Vokoun would be heading out the door and I still don't.

But that's because I believe Randy and Cliff and Stu when they say they want to build for the future and want to get top assets. I don't think they can get the top assets for Vokoun today.

That doesn't mean the Flyers aren't trying, though. Tim Panaccio of CSN Philly says that the Flyers are interested in Vokoun's services, but that they'd have to get a high-profile player to waive a no-trade clause to make a deal possible. Here are a few Twitter messages from Panaccio.

To get Vokoun you'd have to get hartnell, gagne or briere to waive NTC

Source in fla says they want carter for vokoun. Vokoun would waive NTC for flyers

Flyers will NOT move Carter I am told

The art of negotiation. Holmgren said months ago that he wouldn't trade Carter and it appears he's sticking to his guns on that. Who knows if this deal is still in the works at this point, but Florida could very well hold on to Vokoun past the deadline if they don't get what they want for him.

Turning elsewhere, it seems there's still a possibility that the Flyers are looking at Dwayne Roloson. There were reports last night that the Flyers couldn't afford him, but if they can afford Vokoun, they could easily -- easily -- afford Roloson.

Here's Chris Botta from NYI Point Blank:

Point Blank has learned that the best offer for Roloson as of late Tuesday night was a third round pick. Unless the proposals improve, Roloson will remain an Islander.

It makes little sense to move Roloson - arguably the Islanders’ most valuable player this season, showing no signs of slowing down at age 40 - for just a third round pick.

With more cap space than every Cup contender combined, Snow also has the option of using it to his team’s advantage. (The Cristobal Huet option I wrote about on the blog on Feb. 25 certainly has taken on a life of its own on Twitter).

My friend Elliotte Friedman of "Hockey Night in Canada" has written that the Blackhawks really want Tomas Vokoun from Florida, but Snow could benefit by giving Chicago cap relief in a separate deal.

The more complicated deals get as 3:00 pm EST approaches, the more likely they are to crater.

If a Roloson trade does not work out, the Islanders will consider their highest bids for Martin Biron. Snow will not give Roloson or Biron away.

As always, the Flyers lack of draft picks and total overall assets are likely biting them in the rear.

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