Flyers rebound, kick off homestand with 3-1 victory over Leafs

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Well that's better.  After a frustrating performance against Buffalo (and a terrible performance against Florida before that), the Flyers started off their 4-game homestand with a solid 3-1 victory.  Yes, the Maple Leafs are bad.  Yes, they're very bad.  But the importance of tonight's game cannot be trivialized.  They needed a win, and they got it.

CSN named Dan Carcillo the player of the game and that's hard to disagree with.  Drawing a four-minute powerplay out of Colton Orr showed just how far he has come since being acquired last year.  He took at least 3 shots to the face (as Peter Laviolette told the officials from the bench) without retaliating.  While the Flyers didn't score on the ensuing powerplay, he got involved in the game in a good way.

After Carcillo fed Simon Gagne in the slot for a 2-1 Flyers lead, he appeared to put the Flyers up 3-1 with a beautiful backhand over Jean-Sebastien Giguere's right shoulder later in the second.  Unfortunately, the play was called offside, but Carcillo was able to take Dion Phaneuf off the ice for two-minutes of 4-on-4 action after responding to his shoves.

Beyond that, Michael Leighton was back to his steady but unspectacular self.  There were rebounds and some scares, but the only goal against came off a blocked shot.  Oh, there was also a blown defensive assignment on the goal too.  Despite the desire to praise his play, it's important to remember once again that the game came against the Maple Leafs.

Jump for Random Thoughts, Questions with Answers and the Comment of the Night.

Random Thoughts:

I know this feature has gone away, but I only have two:

  • Didn't hear Ryan Parent's name a whole lot tonight.  For him, that's a really good thing.
  • Colton Orr is either a Turd Sandwhich or Giant Douche.  There isn't much to say about him, other than that.  Imagine how much crap would be said about Flyers goonery if he was wearing Orange and Black.  Just a huge disgrace.

Questions with Answers:

  1. Does Rosehill's insertion into the lineup mean anything? We all know this will likely be a big, fat no.  Big, fat no.
  2. Can Giguere keep the Leafs in the game?  Not sure if it was Giguere, exactly, but he did a decent job.  Was badly screened on the first goal, then got beat on the second, and fell victim to a cross-ice pass on the third.
  3. Will Mike Richards keep up his torrid post-Olympic pace (six points in 3 games so far)?  He had an assist, but that's hardly "torrid."  Seven points in 4 games is still good though.
  4. Which Michael Leighton shows up - Pre-break Leights or Post-break Leights?  Pre-break Leights.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would expect that if someone were planning to hold up a sign asking a player to marry them, they would at least put in the effort of making a real sign….


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