Little of a Handshake, Little of a tip of the Hat

Now that a few days have passed, I think enough time has passed to say The Philadelphia Flyers played one hell of a series, even though the final objective was not met, their play and want was nothing short of admirable. The adversity you overcame to get Game 6 in the Stanley Cup finals was remarkable to say the least.

I know nothing can take the sting away, but I just want to say as a Hockey Fan, well done. I was certainly one of those who though the winner of the West would win the Stanley Cup, even more so after the quick departure of Cindy, and the Dirty One.

But after the Chicago  Blackhawks beat the Vancouver Canucks in the Western Conference Semi-Final, I started looking at the Bruins, Flyers, Habs, and Pens. I was hoping the Bruins would win, not because I feared you, but simply because Boston is 2 hours from me, while Philly is 4. At the time the hope of hopes still was for the Hawks to get to the SCF, I knew the battle just to get there would not be easy. But during the Western Conference Finals against the San Jose Sharks, I really started looking at the Flyers, not so much the Habs. You beating the Habs was not a surprise.

Before the Hawks finished off the Sharks,the more I looked at Flyers, and watched them, the more concerned I was. Then the Hawks swept the Sharks I was already feeling this fight was just beginning, not ending.I saw a team that was not an 88 point 7th seed, but a team that was just getting healthy, and hitting its stride. I saw a team who had 3 lines scoring depth, and 2 pairs of very good defensman. The Flyers would not disappoint.

The Flyers played with Grit, Heart and determination. Every game was close until the end, less one. The Flyers pushed the Hawks to OT two times, with numerous other opportunities in each and every game. The Flyers never let the Hawks breath easy for 6 games.

But in the end, I feel the better team won. Just as 2008-09 was a building and learning year for the Hawks, I think this season was a similar year for the Flyers. Though it ended short of the ultimate prize, it was not short is excitement, and bringing a bright hope for the future. So may hats off to you for a hell of a season, and a nearly epic playoff run. So while we worry about the Cap (which we just lost $1.5M room of) and who gets to stay, and who has to go, you guys will be worried about taking this, and building on it next year.

I hope this is not taken as in your face, and trying to knock someone down again, because it is not, just some rambling thoughts.

Good Luck to you next year, but as always, may Lady Luck be more with my team than Yours.



Second City Hockey

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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