What has been stuck in my mind since the puck disappeared

WIth such an abrupt end to a fantastic spring I have been lost for words. Unfortunately my mind has not.  It never shuts up!!! So here I am hoping to get out a few thoughts. Some of them have been said and I apologize for not putting them all in the proper comment treads.

!st off, What is up with this endless bickering about Classy Fans Every fan base is guilty of it, and Im sure I have been guilty of saying it in the past. However, Verision got it right when they said "All hockey fans are not like other sports fans" Our sport is a bit more brutal, intense and at time, more animalistic than the others.   There is no time in-between each end every play to compose one self and get ready for the next play. And in turn, we as fans, are a bit intense, and at times more barbaric  This dose not mean we are hooligans and a menace to society! We are Hockey fans!  

No matter our age, creed, occupation, sex,or current geographical location, when the puck drops we let go of out other rolls and embrace the best sport on earth. This epidemic of constant judgement of classless fans has spread faster than the infected blood in any George Romero zombie film. Im all for trash-talking an opposing team, its players, its organizations brass, and their fan base!  Citing an opponent fans taunt as classless is simply a cop out for hockey fans. We are Hockey fans,can take the joke, or an insult regardless if its childish, or low. Rather than just spout out how tasteless, or how improper the act was, lets *hockey up* and think of a better comeback!

Some other thoughts:
I honestly think JR would have cried if Philly won the cup too! Because I have come to that conclusion, I give him a epic fail. Not because of the passion the cup inspires, but because he decides to act on subtle degree of manipulation to show the world another side of JR.

Holgren took some heat not making news during the trade deadline but he did snag Leino (incase you didnt know is the fucking steal of the century) and Krajicek who could become a very solid D man. I dont agree with everything he has done but I give him props for that.
I have hope in his ability to steer us in the right direction this summer.He has his work cut out for him if he wants to finnish the job!
Speaking of homer, I love this quote!

Asked to evaluate centre Richards' growth this season, Holmgren said it's "two wins from where it needs to be."

Leighton deserves a ton of credit for his play this season.  Having said that I do not think he will ever find the same success ever again.  I hope he is signed to a multi year dead, he deserves it.  I simply hope it is not in Philly.
If Carter still wants to be immature and not bust his ass playing wing, then Im all for trading him and getting a Great Goalie I am still on board for Volkon. (goalies mature later, so his age isnt so much an issue for me)   And if he watched our team play, hopefully he could be motivated to make a deal we could afford to pay.

I hope Coburn's so-so regular season quieted his agents demands for a huge pay day!  
Will Lappy be able to play another full season? Will Betts shoulder keep him from getting back on the team? Will we have to re invent the 4th ling again?
Hartnell woke up front he dead and since he has a NTC we have a locker room guy to fire up this team. So Carbomb really has to grow up to be useful to us in the future.  He has made some progress but rooms running out on our bench. 
Will Cotes wife run the Flyers wives Carnival again, and keep him employed? 
Will the Rangers watch us raise our Banner?

Finally, Having traveled around a lot reading the other teams boards this season, I have found there is a lot of hate for the Flyers, but there is A LOT OF RESPECT for Travis and Broad Street Hockey. Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work to .  Well done Travis, Geoff, Ben, and everyone who has put up with my crappy spelling and post fails! See ya all around this summer!

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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