QOD who stays and who goes (not Carter or Goalie)

Gagne-Richards- ?




Carter fits in there somewhere, or he is being traded, but enough Carter talk. We have three big pieces to the puzzle in there that all may or may not be Flyers next year. All of Danny Carcillo, Darroll Powe, and Aaron Asham's contracts are done as of July 1st (some restricted some not). These three guys were essential in making and sucseeding in the playoffs all in different roles. Lets look at all of them and see what they bring to the table, what it will take for them to stay, and what it will take for them to go.

Darroll Powe- This kid played amazing this year. There are not a lot of negatives with his game. Like Travis said his fifteen points were gravy on top of how phenomenal he played with Betts and Lappy. He played so well down the stretch that he took Lappy's penalty kill minutes away from him after his return. There are only two ways that I can legitimately see Darroll not in a Flyers uniform next year. 1. The Flyers' brass feels that Dan Carcillo is a better fit on that fourth line than Darroll (which I cannot see at all). Now these players are two totally different players BUT if we fill the holes on the first and third line with players other than Carcillo and the only spot left is on the fourth line. ALSO, we must get another PK'ing free agent (probably the third line guy). If all of that that happens then Powe's PK ability is not needed and then MAYBE Danny Carcillo is a better fit on that fourth line. However that is all a stretch. The more realistic reason that Powe goes is because Nodl is already locked under contract and maybe they wanna use him for some salary cap related reason. However, i really do not see Darroll Powe not in a Flyer uniform next year. He's restricted which helps our cause, and this guy could and should be signed for three to four years under a million.

Dan Carcillo- Before the playoffs, and especially before the second round I would have told you that there was a better chance of me being on the Flyers than Carcillo not being on the Flyers next year. However, the end of the playoffs showed me something else. Danny was quiet in the later rounds, which for him (unlike Powe) is not a good thing. Danny needs to be Flying around hitting guys and making room for guys. Now, do I think he'll be here... yes. The only way that I can see him not being here is if we fill in the top three lines with FA or Jeff Carter. I don't think he can beat out Powe for the fourth line LW spot, but I do think that he'll be the guy protecting Giroux and JVR, which could work out really well for all three.

Aaron Asham- Unfortunately I think that he's gone. The positives of him staying are his slap shot, his fighting, and his attitude. The negatives of him staying are his lack of upside. You know what your getting with Ash, and as much as I don't want to see it, there is not a spot for him on this team anymore (unless it's Carcillo's). I'm unofficially using this to say my goodbyes to Ash, and thanks for the great two years!

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