How to spend our money

So I wanted to write something, and hear thoughts from everyone on what the best way to use the $10.6 of Cap space left (according to CapGeek) for this year. I know there is a lot revolving around an individual each time we acquire rights to somebody, but I wanted to take a look at what our needs are on a whole, and how the Flyers can fill them with their own RFA's and UFA's, and what will be available league wide July 1st. I think we spend too much time thinking about this 1 player, when there still are other needs the Flyers should be addressing, and this is my feable attempt at sparking some conversation about the subject.

Assumption 1: To me the needs are: #5 Dman, a scoring RW, and a upgrade in goal.

Assumtion 2: Carter is staying here and playing the wing. This conversation would probably get out of hand without making this assumption.

Assumption 3: No trades, again there is so much to talk about with trades, that it will confuse the salary/cap issue that this whole write up is kind of centered around.

In house options:

-Krajicek $0.7mil: I let him walk.
-Syvert $0.6mil: Resign as our 7th DMan. I'll assume he gets $0.7mil to resign.
-Coburn $1.3mil: Resign as our #4. I'll assume he gets $2.3mil to resign. I am thinking more like $2mil, but for arguments sake, I'm assuming $2.3 here.
-Asham $0.6mil: I'll miss him, but I let him walk as well.
-Carcillo $0.9mil: It was a fun ride, but to me, he doesn't add anything the Flyers need to this team moving forward. Bye.
-Pyorala $0.5mil: Interesting option, but I'm good without you.
-Powe $0.5mil: Resign as our 4th line winger, I have him splitting time with Nodl in the lineup. assuming $0.650 Salary
-Nodl $0.850mil: Okay he isn't a FA, but in my scenario, I'm promoting him and his $0.850mil cap hit to the big club.
Numbers and Reasoning:
These moves take up $4.5mil in Cap space.

The Flyers need a 7th Dman, and Syvret performed well this year to fill that role. I don't think it'll cost all too much to keep him here, but I have a tough time firguring out low cost contracts. Powe and Nodl to me would be a great 12/13th forward combo. I don't think these moves require a lot of explaining. I let both Carcillo and Asham walk b/c I like what I see in the FA market for RW. I think the Flyers could add an FA RW to make the JVR Giroux line a legitimate scoring line threat. I want Coburn as my #4 Dman. I love the mean streak he seems to have developed, and if it wasn't for the fact that he scored on his own goal to start the year, I don't think people would have the perception that he is a turnover machine, b/c according to the stats, he is anything but that. He is a solid 2nd pairing dman, and should be acquired at a reasonable price.

Free Agency Options ($6.1mil remaining):

-Michalek $1.2mil: He is the guy I sign, be a great fit for a #5 that can play a ton of minutes. I'll say $2.4mil.
-Corvo $2.6mil: Interesting option, great for the PP. I just don't know if he is going to want a raise. He might be available for a cheap price given his season was significantly shortened due to injury.
-Tallinder $2.6mil: Played the tough minutes in Buff with a kid. I think he'd be a great option, but I'd be happier with Michalek for less.
-Morris $3.3mil: Probably out of my price range with the way I'm dividing up the salary, btu he would be another interesting option. Good for the PP, can play a lot of minutes, and he may not be in line for any kind of increase in salary.
-Ledba: $0.7mil: I love Lebda, I really do, I'm just not sure if he is the right fit here. I don't know if he can carry the 3rd pair. I think he'd be great with Kimmo, and then put Coburn at 5 to carry the 3rd pair. He is inexpensive, and I really like his game. He has good numbers when you look at his gaols for and again when he is on the ice versus when he is off the ice.
Offense (I really mean RW):
-Tanguay $2.5mil: I think he'd be a great fit with JVR and Giroux, but I'd rather have more of a finisher. Depending on his price, I'd bring him to Philly
-Ponikarovsky $2.1mil: I think he is going to want too much, and I see him as an underachiever. I'm tempted, b/c I like his size for that line, but I think he'll ask for too much for his production.
-Armstrong $2.4mil: I love Armstrong, but I just think he'll be too expensive, so that negates him for me (unless I went with Lebda over Michalek).
-Afinogenov $0.8mil: I'm not sure what to expect out of him for next year, but the guys can score, put him with Giroux, sold. I'm assuming $1.6mil.
-Nolan $2.8mil: Honestly, I'd love to sign Nolan for a Recchi type 1 year deal before he retires. I think he'd be a perfect fit for JVR and Giroux, probably the best of the bunch, b/c he's got some skill left and he is a nasty plater, just mean. I don't think he wants to come to Philly though, I see him staying out West.
-Higgins $2.2mil: Higgins would be interesting. he is a major disappointment, but sign him on the cheap, and hope for the best. He'll produce as much as Asham, that's for sure, but he doesn't add anything physically. Higgins is my last resort option on this list, and honestly, I think he could find his game playing next to Giroux.
-Nabokov $5.4mil: Okay, I know we own his rights, but he isn't signing until July 1st with anyone. I think he is going to want to much, and there is a market out there willing to pay him what he'll want. I see him north of $4.5mil, pricing him out of a Flyers jersey.
-Mason $3.0mil: He is the guy I want, and I don't think he'll cost much more, could even be less, than $3.0mil. However, unless the Flyers move salary, I don't see him here.
-Ellis $1.8mil: Okay, I'd rather take a flyer on another young goalie, but I assumed no trades, so let's move forward. this is my guy. I think he can be signed for under $2.2mil (so I'll assumed $2.2mil) b/c the supply in the goalie martker is greater than the demand. He is an upgrade to what the Flyers have currently for next year, and is used to playign for a team that doesn't supply a lot of offensive support.
-Biron $1.4mil: I would not mind seeing Biron back here at all, and I don't see him making much more than the $1.4mil he made this year. However, I think the Flyers are going in a different directiont han brining back ex players.
-Nitty $0.6mil: I think Nitty can be had for Boucher money, maybe less, but I don't think the Flyers organization ever truly believed in him, and I still feel like they don't. No return trip to Philly for Nitty.
Numbers and Reasoning:
These moves take up $6.2 mil. However, it also means Backlunds $0.8mil Cap hit disappears in to the minors, so the true cost is actually $5.4mil.

Okay, reasons...First, defense. I think Michalek is the best fit for Philadelphia, he just performs quietly and effectively. To me he is the perfect fit for a #5 who can play a lot of minutes so Pronger and Kimmo can expend less energy during the season, and he is used to playign against tough comp with poor linemates. Lebda to me, if you break up Kimmo and Coburn, is an interesting option as well. Right wing, come on, we need a legit wing that can put in some goals to play with Giroux and JVR. I would love Nolan on a 1 year deal, but I can't see him coming here, so I moved on. Afinogenov, to me, is the next best option. He isn't physical, but man, I would love to see him instead of Asham being the one to burry Giroux's set ups. I think he turns JVR & Giroux's line in to a legit scoring line. Goaltending, okay, so it isn't my ideal scenario. But honestly, with the team that would be playing in front of the goalie, I wouldn't even mind having Boucher & Backlund. Ellis should be an upgrade, and should ahve more offensive support than he ever had in Nashville. He isn't as big as I would like, but he isn't small either. I think he'd fit the team nicely, but I wouldn't offer more than 2 or 3 years.


I spent $9.9mil of the $10.6mil of Cap the Flyers had. I tried to be conservative in the numbers I assuming, so I should be high in what I spent.

I know these aren't the only options, but in my opinion, these are the best options out there not via trade. This was my attempt at addressing the 3 positions of needs with the cap space the Flyers have for next year. Let me know what you think, or what you'd do differently.

Thanks for reading.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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