What if plan A and plan B both fall through QOD

There was a recent fan post about a Plan A (Dan Hamhuis) or Plan B (Evgeni Nabakov). If they were both available for 4 and 2 years respectively with a 4 million dollar cap hit each, who would you have, and the general consensus was Nabakov. First off, I understand the question was which player do you want, but realistically Nabakov will cost more than 5 million, but I still want to sign him for that prise. Considering we were talking about trading Jeff Carter for Tommy Vokoun for the same amount of money, its silly not to sign Nabakov for the 5.25 that he deserves. With all of that being said, lets say, for argument's sake, that we don't get Nabby or the Hammer. Where do we go now?


I am not that aware of the free agent pool, but I am very aware of our needs and cap situation. Right now our squad looks like this:

1. Gagne/Richards/Carter

2. Hartnell/Briere/Lieno

3. JVR/Giroux/ EMPTY

4. EMPTY /Betts/Lappy

Asham/Powe/Carcillo are all free agents of some sort come July 1.

1. Prongs/Carle

2. Kimmo/ EMPTY

3. Bartullis/ EMPTY

Coburn is a RFA as of July 1


2. Boosh

3. Backlund

Okay, so assuming we don't get Hamhuis or Nabby, what are our options.

1. Fill from within and wait. We have Ash and Carcillo who both can play with Claude and JVR. They might not be the best possible guys but they both can. Powe is fine for the fourth line. Sign Coburn to play D, and use Kraijeck (sign him, I think his contract is done July 1) and Syvret to fill in the 4/5/6 D men. Leights is the goalie and that is that. Assuming that Carcillo or Ash gets the 3rd line spot (1.5 ABSOLUTE MAX), Powe on 4th (1 ABS MAX), Coburn (4 ABS MAX), Kraijeck (1 ABS MAX), Leights (3 ABS MAX) all sign, we still have around 2-3 million in the bank for a rainy day. Now, these numbers are way high, so we could realistically sign all these guys and have 5-6 million in the bank.

2. Slight upgrades all over. This scenario calls for an upgrade at D-man 5 (through FA), and an upgrade in 3rd line winger, while keeping Leights. This team is slightly better but still has money in the bank.

3. Jagr or Forsberg? Just saying, both guys would go pretty good with Claude and JVR. If we don't get anyone (Hamhuis/Nabby/Afinaganof) do we spend the 3 million (no idea what they would cost) to fill a glaring third line hole with an aging superstar?

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