The UFA goalie market

Holmgren is clearly making an effort to get a goalie before July 1 when free agency starts. This seems like a good idea so that no one else has a chance on signing the goalie that he wants for the Flyers next year. However, to me it looks like a buyers market this year as far as goalies go. Despite there not being a lot of talent, there are even less places for them to find positions.

After the jump I break down the UFA goalies we might want here, and potential teams that could be trying to get them before the Flyers can. Everything is based on my opinion from looking at the rosters on CapGeek and a little bit of knowledge of what teams have in their farm systems. If you think I'm wrong or way of the board, let me know. I also decided not to include any numbers, because I think everyone knows the different levels of goaltending without having to resort to using stats that half the BSH population don't/can't/won't understand.

Turco, Nabokov, Theodore, Mason, Ellis, Biron are all probably looking for starting positions (also Toskala, but I don't see any teams that dumb).

For the right price, I would be OK with Turco, Nabokov or Ellis  (perhaps even Biron or Mason) as starters next year for the Flyers.


Hedberg, Auld, Lalime, Montoya, MacDonald, Dubielewicz, Leighton, Nittymaki, Legace, Raycroft, are going to either want to be 1B or backups.

None of these guys are really suitable for Philadelphia (sorry Leighton-lovers), but their presence helps the Flyers by giving other teams cheaper back-up options than the starters we are looking for.


Teams (IMO) that are/could be looking for a starter:

Flyers - everyone knows the story

Oilers -they have huge money in Khabby but I haven't heard what his story is recently. In any case, their tandem last season of Dubnyk and Droiun-Deslauriers are both RFAs and certainly could use and upgrade. I'm not sure if they have the cap room to make a play for a legit #1 either.

Tampa Bay - is Mike Smith a true number 1? They might want an established starter or someone to tandem with Smith

Sharks - take them out of the Nabokov sweepstakes, but they are a contender that could take our number 1 in Turco or Ellis.

Seriously, I don't see anyone else needing a starter. I could be wrong but I think I'm pretty close.



Teams that are/could be looking for a 1A/backup:

Montreal - if Price signs, they might look for someone to bail him out.

Flames  - I don't think they have anyone, but whoever they get won't play many more than 15 games.

Devils - Danis is a UFA so unless he resigns they could be looking for someone cheap to play behind Brodeur

Thrashers  - Pavelec should be resigned and could be ready for #1 duty but could use an experienced backup like they had with Hedberg.

Islanders - Have Roloson and Dipietro on contract, but neither of them are examples of good health in net.

Rangers - cheap option to play behind Lundqvist

Sabres - cheap option to play behind Miller

Hurricanes - they are paying Ward a lot ($6.3 million) so are probably looking for a cheap backup

Predators - cheap option to play behind Rinne (not Ellis!)

Stars - backup for Lehtonen


That's it as far as I can see. 3 or 4 teams with question marks for starters, 10 teams with established starters looking for a cheap backup option. It appears to be a buyers market for goalies this season. That is why Nabokov's and Turco's reaction to Homer kind of surprises me. They could end up in a Biron-type situation where they want a lot of money to play as starters, but can't find a job and have to take serious cuts just to get a paycheck.

I'm actually not afraid of Holmgren being able to make a move that doesn't jeopardise the cap for years to come, whilst still obtaining a decent goalie. But who knows, they could all go play for Yzerman in Tampa Bay.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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