Why keep suggesting putting people in the minors?

I really have to ask just because I don't think people are grasping the concept and what it really will do over time.

First it is important to remember that this isn't NHL 10; it is the real world. I know I used to see someone come through waivers that a team was trying to send down to the minors and I'd pick them up for safe keeping. I would do that myself with some player in NHL 10 (Knuble being one of them when Washington waived him)

Think what it does when people look at the organization. Players will not want to do come to a team to be disrespected. It would be equivalent to one of you taking a job at a firm expecting a corner office and a good title then 2 weeks into the job the company comes back to you and takes away your office and demotes you to a non-management position but you are bound to a contract so you can't leave. You would be angry at best. When word gets out that this is the standard of practice, people will be less likely to want to work for that company no matter how much money they are being offered. As for our hockey team, you would get this if you tried to waive someone you just signed or try and trade them.

Yes there are times when waiving or trading someone you signed in the off season is a viable move, but not in that same off season. Shelley, Zherdev, O'Donnell. They are going to be on the team unless they get injured or retire. The sad part is together they cost over 4M in and they could all be at the level of a Healthy scratch on the depth chart on any given night. What is sad is we could be looking at Powe, Laliberte, and Syvret (assuming they resign him) as those types of players and looking at being just a smidgen over the cap at this point.

From on outside standpoint it is hard to see what the NHL is compared to the AHL. Once a player gets to the NHL he doesn't expect to go back down to the AHL. It doesn't become about money it, it is a sense of pride almost. Look after the lockout when John LeClair was with Pittsburg for the year. He was waived, refused assignment, then waived again, and ultimately released from his contract. And I believe (but not 100% sure) they had to buy him out and his contract then counted against the cap.

Plus you also have to consider that your minor leagues are your developmental teams. You are using those teams to house your players of the future and to develop them into what you are looking for. It isn't a bank where you can store veterans for when you need to have an extra player come playoff time. It that was the case I'd be waring my Peter Forsberg Phantoms jersey right now. I mean you or I would probably be like: "sure I'll take a $1M to sit on my pwn some noobs." ... and come to think of it, I wouldn't want that I would want to play when I should be playing.

I mean the moves the Flyers are making this year make no damned sense. It almost seems like they threw too many offers up in the air and too many people caught them and turned them in at once. What are they going to do? I don't know. You sign Shelley if you think Carcillo is too expensive (or too much of a liability on your team). You sign O'Donnell for league minimum if you want him to be a veteran backup for the playoffs/injuries and keep him a healthy scratch, at least you don't when you have already traded for a $4M D5. Because you over paid these two and still don't have a proven stable goalie you are forced to move salary, but before you do you sign the replacement for who you will move.

It all doesn't make sense and really it seems quite amateurish. I strongly get the feeling they are screwing themselves more times over by over spending at this point and acquiring as many assets as possible and dealing with where they are going to go later than just following a plan that looks like someone was thinking. I mean companies go bankrupt because the buy too many assets instead of focusing on real needs.

More moves are going to come, however when you sign people or make trades you are supposed to be making your team better. To this point they have not done so and I can't see how they can unless there was some overtly dramatic shakeup ... and at this point I don't know if you wouldn't want to start with the GM.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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