No Shortage Of Toughness.

Well seeing how I have been repetitive in my last couple of posts, I'd like to take a new turn. With all of the negatives that has come this off season, we have upgraded in one place for sure: The Level Of Toughness. If the Flyers weren't tough last year they certainly will be this year. Let's take a look at all the Flyers' fighters from biggest heavyweight to occasinal fighters.

Jody Shelley

Shelley is by far the new primary enforcer on the Flyers' roster. Standing at six feet three inches tall, Shelley is going to be a force to be reckoned while wearing the orange and black. Sure the Flyers have had tough guys in the past couple years, but this is the first true heavyweight on the Flyers' roster since Donald Brashear. The Flyers will finally have a guy to stand up to/pound guys like Colton Orr, Derek Boogard and Erik Goddard. The stars on the roster will also be more protected as well, and will no longer have guys like Ben Eager and Dustin Byfuglien running over them like what happened in the finals.

Dan Carcillo

We all know what the "Carbomb" is capable of in the fighting department. He is involved in a large number of fights, but tends to struggle against big heavyweights. Carcillo is better suited for fighting guys like Matt Bradley (as we all know), Travis Moen and Brandon Prust. If Carcillo fights within his weight class, he is an extremely tough competitor to take down. Carcillo's small stature can prove costly in fights.

Ian Laperriere.

Laperriere is much like Carcillo. He is willing to fight almost everyone, but struggles against big heavyweights. He can take loads of shots and is not afraid to defend a teammate. He can be a guy that other players fear to fight IF they are within his weight class, again like Carcillo.

Scott Hartnell

Harnell is a very under-rated fighter. He is capable of giving big beatings to people who push him over the edge. Hartnell can stand up to big guys and also protects teammates. He too struggles against fight big heavyweights, but can hammer people within/or under his weight class. Hartnell's size helps him a great deal, but his balance can be his downfall during a scrap.

Sean O'Donnell

O'Donnell is a very fisty player. He is not afraid to stand up to you or drop the gloves from time to time. He can match up against mid-level guys but has no chance against big heavyweights. His age has also slowed him down and his lack of speed and agility proves costly in scraps (among other thing).

Mike Richards

Don't kid yourself, the Flyers' captain can stand up for himself and for his teammates. Although he is usually protected by his comrades, Richards can hold his own in a fight against other guys who are lightweights. If Richards catches a guys of a smaller statured he can provide a good beating.

The reason I did not mention Riley Cote is because I doubt he will be playing for the Flyers this year. He may make an apperance if they're are injuries and/or we are playing a big team, although I doubt it very much.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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