Which Goalie Will It Be?

As of right now the Flyers' goaltending situation does not look very good. We have Michael Leighton, the 29 year-old journey man, and Brian Boucher, who had been a back-up his whole career. We have all heard rumors about possible goalies joining the Flyers, but lets take a look at some of the possibilities.

Marty Turco

This could be a very big steal for the Flyers. If Philadelphia could some how ink Turco to  around a 2 million dollar deal for no more than 2 season, we're good to go. He is still a starting goaltender and has a lot left in the tank. Turco had a rough end to his stint with the Stars, but also had an awful defense in front of him. Should Turco join the Flyers, he would have a lot less preasure put upon him with the likes of Chris Pronger and Kimmo Timonen helping him out in the net.

Jose Theodore

This is a name that has been linked more than once to the Flyers. I would be uncomfortable with Theo. Even though he had a strong season with the Capitals, I believe taht Theodore will be a bust. Theo would not to teribbly in Philly, but would be a waste of money. There is no substantial upgrade by going from Leighton to Turco.

Mike Smith

Another name that has been linked to the Flyers. There have been rumors about Simon Gagne going to the Lightning with Smith coming back the other way. Smith again would be no substantial upgrade from Leighton. He's young and has not proven himself to be a number one guy in the N.H.L. Smith is a solid back-up and I believe in time will become good, but needs to be eased in alongside a proven starter.

Jonathan Quick

Quick would be a phenomal pick-up for the Flyers. He's young, fast and strong. He proved he was a capable starter this year with his strong season and making the U.S.A. national team. He will become an elite goalie as his career goes on would be a steal should the Flyers be able to land him.

Jonathan Bernier

Bernier is the second half of the Kings' young goaltending tandom. Bernier is a lot like Quick. Young, talented and unlimited potential. The Kings' have a lugxury that most teams would kill for: the choice between two young franchise goaltenders. The Canadiens are the only team that has had this situation in recent years with having to chose between Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price. Bernier would also be a steal much like Quick would.

So all of these goaltenders may end up in Philly come the fall. I doubt that Bernier and Quick will end up in Philly. I think that the Flyers believe they may have a future goaie in either Sergei Bobrovsky or Nicola Riopel. I think that both Smith and Theodore would be no substantial upgrade, therefore I doubt the Flyers would waste the cap space. So that leaves Turco, who I believe will end up in the orange and black. I believe that Holmgren will only make room for a goalie that will give them a true chance at winning the cup and Turco would give them a chance.

So what is your opinion?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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