Goalie Situation

As the season nears closer and closer, more things are falling into place. The forwards have pretty much been set with the departs of Smion Gagne and Arron Asham and the additions of Nikolai Zherdev and Jody Shelley. The defense has improved greatly with Lukas Krajicek and Ryan Parent gone and Andrej Meszaros, Matt Walker and Sean O'Donnell joining the back end. Everyone is pretty content with the positions right now, except the goaltending. The goalie postion is once again left with a big fat question mark on it. Many think one of Turco and Theodore will be signed, while some still think (not hope) Holmgren will go with what he has right now. Lets look at the possibilities.


It may just be Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher back stopping Philadelphia next season. It has been rumored that Holmgren is content with the goalies because of the very good defense that the Flyers pocess. I believe that this is the wrong way to go. For a team that Holmgren is building this is not the way to go. The Flyers are a team with big contracts and many top notch players. Holmgren obviousley wants to win the cup, and doesn't want to wait any longer. But with Leights and Boosh, I believe there will be no cup coming to Philly any time soon.


When I say with in, I mean in the system. As of right now, the Flyers have many good goaltending prospects, but only one is N.H.L. ready as of right now. That is Johan Backlund. Backlund was very solid with the Phantoms last season, and was impressive in his fourty minutes of action last season. Backlund has potential, but may be a risk for the Flyers to take. Once again, for a team that wants to win, a 28 year old rookie may be too big of a risk to take.


Well there are only two goalies out there right now that are somewhat attractive. Those two names are Jose Theodore and Marty Turco. Theodore had a very solid season in Washington last year and may be a good pick-up for any team. I just think that Theodore would be no substantial upgrade from Leighton, so I think it'd be a waste of money. Turco on the other hand would be a great pick-up for Philly. He would fit great here and would take advantage of it. Turco knows he doesn't have a lot of time left in his career, so he would want to play for a contender and would play his ass off with the Flyers. He would have a much better defense in front of him and would have less pressure put upon him


This is just a question because I was wondering, has anyone heard anything about the goalies. I have heard nothing and I was hoping someone could fill me in on what is happening and if anyone has heard anything. Turco is what I'm mainly interested in. Anyway here's a poll about the article above.

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