New Faces in Philly

We have seen numerous aquisitions this off-season by the Flyers. Many have been brought in and some have departed. Even though there still be more moves to come, maybe just aquiring a goalie, lets look at the goods and bads of all of the Flyers' new players.

Andrej Meszaros

Goods: Is a young and very talented defenseman. Meszaros has a lot of potential and has proven to be a top four defenseman in the N.H.L. Meszaros has a very good shot from the point and has good size to go a long with it. If playing with a good partner can be very effective.

Bads: Tends to not live up to full potential. Lacks physicality and after a few sub-par seasons probably has confidence. Can sometimes get lazy and cost you on the ice. Brings a very hefty cap hit for what he is capable of and needs to show that he is worth four million a season.

Sean O'Donnell

Goods: Very reliable third pairing defender. Likes to stay at home and brings toughness and physicality. Helps younger players develope and is very good in the dressing room. Salary is very cap friendly.

Bads: Is very limited offensively. Age has slowed him down a lot and cannot play nearly the amount of minutes as he used to. His temper sometimes gets the better of him and tends to take bad, un disciplined penalties. Can be a liability due to his lack of speed.

Jody Shelley

Goods: Big, tough enforcer. Intimidates players and protects teammates. A good character guy and can be useful in front of the net. Players of other teams will think twice before throwing their weight around against your star players when Shelley is patrolling.

Bads: Has no to little offensive skills, hence only two goals in the past two seasons. Has no upside besides fighting and can at times be drawn into dumb penalties. Has trouble with the speed in today's game. Cap hit is very hefty for an enforcer.

Nikolai Zherdev

Goods: Very strong offensively. Has unlimitade potential and has dazzling moves. Pure goal scorer and has the potential to score thirty goals a season. Top four player and has a cap friendly contract at only two million.

Bads: Has the tendency to be lazy. Can cost you defensively because he doesn't back-check hard enough. Is known to have an attitude problems and play when he feels like it. His laziness leads to inconsistency and leaves you wondering what to expect of him.

Matt Walker

Goods: Is a typical Philadelphia type of player. Has a big frame standing at six feet four inches tall, and is not afraid to use it as well. It's hard and is very tough to play against. Is a top-notch penalty killer, and is often considered a lessoned version of Chris Pronger. Adds a right-handed shot to the Flyers' blueline.

Bads: Very limited offensively. Can sometimes be skated around due to his lack of speed. Can also take bad penalties from time to time. Contract is a lot for a sixth or seventh defenseman at $1.7 million over the next three years.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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