QOD New most hated player?

Its been a few days since anything has happened, and its been relatively quiet around BSH. With rumors of Kovy coming to Philly, I started to think of other players that we played this post season that I have grown to hate. Ilya heads my list.

New Jersey

Ilya Kovalchuk: I wanted him in Philly at the dead line. I don’t want him in Philly now. We do not need this selfish one way player. My reasons for hating this dude started early in the series when he picked a fight with Mike Richards. Kovy doesn’t fight, and in his frustration he tried to fight a guy who would have killed him. Why do you want that kind of player on the team? I know he’s great. He had 6 points in 5 games, all quiet except one good goal in I believe game 4.  He whined and complained and for that he made himself look like an idiot. Right now, these rumors make me sick because I don’t want him, however, I’m sure if he’s a Flyer I’ll loosen up to him.

Colin White: Colin white sat down with Jacque Lemare before the series and said, “coach, what do you want me to do for ya?” Jacque replied with, “Hit Claude Giroux everywhere he goes and don’t stop even if its illegal.” So he did. And some of his violent hits on Claude were horribly illegal. For that White goes onto the “I hate you” list.


Vladimir Sobotka: I have no idea why I hated this guy from the start. He was a -11 before the series and every time he touched the puck I would yell “Sobotka you’re a minus eleven!” My hatred for him boiled over after he hit Danny Briere cleanly then crosschecked him while he was trying to get up. I hate that guy with a crazy passion and I really have no reason to.

Marc Savard: Had no problem with him before the series. Then he scored the OT goal. Then I just didn’t like him. Then he BIT DAN CARCILLO! He said we were being mean to him. Waaaaaa waaaaaaaa. Who bites? Danny C hasn’t been bitten since grade school! Marc, you wanna be the top scorer for a team? Then take the punishment from the agitators or stand up to an agitator. Don’t bit him. Hope you enjoyed your extra golf. You had the worst comeback of the series (favor Gagne!).

As much as Lucic and Sitan killed us, they went about it appropriately.


Mike Cammaleri: Similar to Savard, he was just a whiney complainer. Hate him so much, almost as much as Sobotka.

PK Subban: These Habs fans look at this kid like he is the best thing since sliced bread. He played horrible. He bit his lip which gave them an extra two minute powerplay and could have killed us.

Chicago had no individuals I have beef with.

Which of these guys did you hate the most over the playoffs, and who else should I add to the list and why?

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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