Carter for Brown and Simmonds?



The problem with moving Gagne as I see it, is we could really end up burnt badly on wingers.  I'm not sure if Gagne can net any significant top of the line winger or even a decent winger that a team would be willing to part with for Gagne.  And if that's the case and all Gagne becomes is a salary dump to clear room for guys like Carcillo (ugh) and Powe.

Then here's the nightmarish wing scenario:





Now ive before said Im perfectly fine with the 3rd and 4th line like that.  And i still am. The problem is when you step back and you look at the situation you have, it's Carcillo, Powe and Shelley all on wings regulary, not any kind of platoon. They would each have to be out there all the time.  And i dont care for that at all.

Which is why I still think they should look at what Carter can get you.  Carter is already a great scorer (at least in the regular season) and still has a lot of upside and is young. So I understand the problem with parting with him.  However Carter can net you much more in return for Gagne, filling out the lines and still clear cap space.

For example the headine of the post: Carter for Dustin Brown and Wayne Simmonds.

The crux is would the Kings do it?  In one breath do they really want to give up a proven winger in Brown and a potentially very good one in Simmonds.  It would have to be two factors.

1) Getting their hands on Carter and locking him down.  Ultimately acquiring Jeff Carter is a plus no matter what.

2) Being able to build around Carter and Kopitar as your franchise centers has to be enticing.  And while they would be taking on Carter's 5 mil contract. they would be unload around 3.4 mil in cap space, so thats only taking on about 1.6 million. And they have I believe currently 17 million under the cap - so thats still plenty to use to build around Kopitar and Carter.

Why the Flyers would do it?

Obviously if you're giving up a guy like Carter you want solid return and an immediate impact. Dustin Brown and Wayne Simmonds are both right wings, which is exactly what they need.  Acquiring these two guys would in my mind be equal for Carter. In the present they totally round out what would be a ridiculous offense.  As far as the future. Dustin Brown has a very nice contract - 3.3 mil around there for the next 3 years.

And Wayne Simmonds is very cheap this season, he would be due a raise, but it would probably be only in the 2-3 mil range, and the Flyers are going to have move either Hartnell or Briere's contract next offseason no matter what if they intend to keep a guy like Ville Leino and start making room for Giroux.  So I would hope the cap space would be there to keep him.  And that would be when Gagne's contract would be up as well, so at that point if we kept Gagne through the end of his contract he would either have to be willing to take a discount or it would be up to him to walk away or not.

Also the trade nets you i think somehwere in the vicinity of 1.5 mil + in cap space. You wouldnt need Carcillo (not that we do anyway), more importantly you wouldnt need to worry about making room for Powe.  That's enough cap space to sign either Nabokov or Turco.  And if you move Boosh's contract, then maybe you can still keep Powe, but if not, not a big deal.

Here's what you're looking at if that trade were to happen:





two word come to mind: balance and electrifying. plus with the defense and say Nabokov in net.  i like those odds.

I know a lot of people here want Bobby Ryan. But I dont think Carter for Ryan is even up for us.  Unless the Kings are willing to part with Simmonds for just Gagne - which would solve the cap space problem. And we move Carter separately to the Ducks for Ryan and 2 or 3 picks. But I dont see the Flyers moving both Carter and Gagne at once

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