If I Were Paul Holmgren.

What I'm abodut to write is in no way rumors I've heard or think are going to happen. They are just my ideas on ways to fix the Flyers' situation right now. Everyone has been commenting on other people's righting stating their opinions, so I thought I'd right a whole post about if I were the General Manager. I'm open to criticism so feel free to disagree with me, these are my own personal thoughts.

First off, lets look at the cap situation. The Flyers are currently about $50k over the cap including Riley Cote and Oskars Bartulis. I would firstly waive Cote, he has nopurpose on the team and the extra cap space would help. So since he's making $550k, we would then have roughly $500k in cap space. I would keep Bartulis because you need him as the seventh defenseman incase of injury.

Secondly, I would start talking to the Kings about a possible deal. I would let them know that Jeff Carter was now available. Let me say for the record that I would be in no way actively shopping Carter, jut let them know that I was open to listening to deals or him. I think L.A. would be intrigued right off the hop because they have great interest in Carter. I would offer something along the lines of this: Carter and the rights to Darrol Powe for Wayne Simmonds, Jonathan Bernier or Jonathan Quick and Oskar Moller or Scott Parse. Reaslistically, I think we get Bernier and Parse, so lets go with that for this hypathetical deal. I think it would work because L.A. gets Jeff Carter, enough said there, and a young, crash and smash type player in Darrol Powe. We get a good, young forwards in Simmonds and Parse, and a goalie with unlimited potential in Bernier.

Back to the cap. We lose $5 million off the cap by trading Carter (Powe has no existing contract as of now, therefore no cap hit). We take on an aproximate $2.6 million with the combined salaries of Simmonds, Parse and Bernier. We are left with $2.9 million in cap space. The they waive Brian Boucher because Bernier is aquired and Michael Leighton is the back-up, and save yourselves the extra $925k . Your left with approximately $3.825 million in salary cap space.

Then, I would make the choice between Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Carcillo. Personally, I go with Carcillo. By making the previous move with L.A., there is no further need to sign Nik Zherdev because you have already upgraded the right-wing positon. I would sign Carcillo for around $1.5 million/season, but for only 1-2 seasons.

Now to analyze the cap situation once and for all. By re-signing Carcillo for that kind of money, you're left with $2.325 million in salary cap space. That is a fair amount of cap space for a team that's always pressed right up against it. They then have enough wiggle room to make a deal during the course of the season should they want/need to. Here are my projected line combinations if this was the roster:

Gagne-Richards-Simmonds                        Pronger-Carle                               Bernier           

Hartnell-Briere-Leino                                     Timonen-Coburn                          Leighton

JVR-Giroux-Parse                                          Meszaros-O-Donnell

Shelley/Carcillo-Betts-Laperriere                Bartulis

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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