09/10 season "Comment of the Night" Part 2

After a tough first half of the season, the Flyers kept us on the emotional rollercoaster all the way until early April.  It took the full season, 5 extra minutes, Giroux scoring, and Boucher making the save, just to qualify for the Playoffs.   Each and every game the Flyers played, we showed up, (even if some players took the night off) and every time we got together we commented.  A lot! 


During this period of time the number of comments increased dramatically as more friends made BSH their home for all things Flyers.  The growing community made the task of picking the CotN a lot tougher. Travis, Ben and Geoff, were up to the challenge, but the playoff bump that was about to occur must have made the task almost impossible.  (Those comments will be posted next week) 

After the bump is part 2 of the Flyers 09/10 season expressed through the words of the fans Comment of the Night.


Jan 3rd L 4-7 Senators

I really dislike Kovalev, and the majority of our team, today.




Jan 6th W 6-2 Leafs

Never thought I'd type this, but tonight Carcillo is better at scoring than fighting



Jan 7th W 7-4 Pittsburgh



-Chocula78, after Carter made it 6-3 Flyers


Jan 9th W 4-1 Tampa

Thanks to the Flyers for winning.

Thanks to the Lightning for NOT rescheduling. Flyers > Eagles.



Jan 12th W 6-3 Dallas

Nope. They are from Dallas. **** them!

-flyrsfrk05, not feeling sympathy for Stars fans


Jan 14th L 0-4 Leafs

Wow. And WE’RE the goons?


-Geoff Detweiler


Jan 17th L 5-3 Washington

No CotN

First the good news:The Flyers outshot Washington 17-5 in the second period…

…then the bad news…..but got outshot 23-7 in the others periods (and OT) in a game ...


First the good news: On the 1,999th shot on goal of his NHL career, Alex Ovechkin was brought down from behind by Braydon Coburn.

…and the bad news….. screw it, Im not pasting the rest of the AP quote.


Jan 19th W 5-3 Blue Jackets

Cheers for Mike Maclean and the Cannon

-j reed



Jan 21st W 2-0 Rangers

that's like my ex telling me she only slept with 2 other guys.

the other 20 didn’t count

- psudrozz, responding to NYR fans saying the Carcillo/Gaborik fight didn't count


Jan 23rd W 4-2 Carolina

2 Staal’s Down 1 to go



Jan 24th L 2-1 Pittsburgh




Jan 28th L 4-2 Thrashers

Someone needs to turn the switch to the "ON" position again.



Jan 30th W 2-1 Islanders

I cannot wait to see Lavvy go ballistic on the refs.

-You don't have to be sweet, to be good


Feb 1st W 3-0 Flames

i was gonna say it’s weird seeing a #2 that can skate.

- psudrozz, referring to such defensive stalwarts as Derien Hatcher & Eric Weinrich


Feb 3rd L 1-0 Oilers

So what’s the scoop on Danny Syvret?

Bruce McCurdy, writer at The Copper & Blue


Feb 6th L 2-1 Wild

The Olympics, so I can go two weeks without having to watch a boring, frustrating game.

-StarbladeMKIII, stating what he is thankful for


Feb 8th W 2-1 Devils

Why did that loud horn go off all of a sudden? Why are some of the fans standing and cheering? I don’t get it…

-Ben Feldman


Feb 10th W 3-2 Devils

Gagne has jump, at least… execution lacking, but there’s some life

-DragonGirl0583, three minutes prior to Gagne's GWG


Feb 12th W 3-2 Montreal

At this rate the McDonald’s Power Play Jackpot will be re-named "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

-You don't have to be sweet, to be good


Feb 13th W 3-2 Montreal  

We are now changing the Philadelphia Flyers to the Philadelphia Luftwaffe.



March 2nd W 7-2 Tampa

Thank you I’ll be here all week, try the schnitzel.




March 3rd L 7-4 Panthers

Nothing worse than looking forward to a game all day, and this is what you get….



March 5th L 3-2 Sabres

I feel like I’m all alone in my position of feeling hot and cold over Leighton’s performance last night. There were definitely some very good decisions and some very bad ones, so I can’t really condemn him nor can I say I’m happy. I wasn’t home so I hadn’t read any stuff before the game, and I admit when I was listening to the first period on the radio I ran off a few expletives when I heard Leighton was starting, I honestly felt at the time that they should have started Boosh. He wasn’t looking too bad at the end of Tuesday’s game once he started to get his stuff together, and I want him to play a full game before he gets rusty again so we can actually evaluate where he is.



March 7th W 3-1 Leafs

Maybe it’s just me, but I would expect that if someone were planning to hold up a sign asking a player to marry them, they would at least put in the effort of making a real sign….



March 9th W 3-2 Islanders

I swear, if the Islanders ever beat the Flyers, the sky is probably going to turn purple like on Lost when they didn't push the button.

-Ben Rothenberg


March 11th L 5-1 Bruins

Because Ben, Travis, and Geoff were at the game and they  did a recap by committee.


Here are the CotN from each:

Travis' take: ah, screw it. Ms. Benes, a little help please? What was your opinion on tonight's game?


Ben's take: I also saw what appeared to be a Danny Syvret practice jersey, which somebody theoretically paid money for.  Or they stole it out of his bag, one of the two.


Geoffs’ take: Like I said, this is short, but we're all tired and I'm sick.


March 13th W 3-2 Hawks




March 14th L 3-1 Rangers

Oh jeez. Gotta be careful not to overwork him.

-Ben Feldman, on Cote's heavy first period workload


March 16th L 4-3 Nashville

Hey, I was expecting him to pass.

-KreiderDesigns, on Richards' shootout move


March 18th W 3-2 Dallas

One thing I miss about Leighton: Not being able to smother shots resulted in much faster games.



March 20th L 5-2 Thrashers

(No CotN)

I saw a lot of anger on the Internets (not necessarily here) about Brian Boucher's play, but he was left out to dry literally all night long. It was pathetic.




March 21st L 3-1 Thrashers

(No CotN)

The Flyers are moving backward. They also lost 5-2 in Atlanta on Sunday, and have lost all four times to the Thrashers this season, after a 14-game winning streak.

-The A.P.


March 23rd L 2-0 Senators

Keep breathing man, before you kill the dog or something



March 25th L 4-3 Wild

OK for serious, WHAT THE ****!?!?

TV is taken up, flyers up 3-1, tv is mine, 3-2

Girlfriend calls, 3-2 we have chances, we hang up, 3-3




March 27th L 4-1 Pittsburgh

Has Steigerwald made any jokes about plane crashes yet?

-Ben Feldman


March 28th W 5-1 Devils

There are good odd-man rushes now? Is that when the offense is bringing the goalie pizza or something?



April 1st L 6-4 Islanders

To quote the MSG announcer, "Does anybody want this playoff spot?"

- pintium02


April 2nd L 1-0 Hawks

Pierre is in that little box with Coatesy. I want to see them fight.

- jello44


April 4th W 4-3 Detroit

I’m hungry but I refuse to eat until this game is over.



April 6th W 2-0 Leafs

1 boucher

2 boucher

3 boucher

-angrycoder, making three stars selections


April 9th L 4-3 Rangers


Ben Feldman


April 11th W 2-1 Rangers

I STILL don’t fucking believe it.


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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