All-Decade Flyers Team

Now there has not been much of all going on as of late this off-season. Everything is basically in place for the up-coming season. Now everyon is laying out their projected lines and guessing who will be the back-up goalie. A couple of posts have been talking about the All-Time Flyers team with all of the best lines. Well I'm just going to take a look at the the best Flyers from the past decade. I'll go by position, so some player will not make the cut due to their position even though another may be better. I will also name the captain and the four alternates just for fun. Al players will be judged by how they were in their primes. Not all the lines were actually were put together, all players are in their place one depth chart according to their performances. This is purely for fun and because there has not been much to write about lately. Let me know what you think.

First Line

Simon Gagne - Keith Primeau - Mark Recchi

These three players are three of my all-time favourite Flyers. Simon Gagne was a shoe in at the top of the depth chart at the left wing position. He is questionably the best left wing the Flyers ever had (although Bill Barber probably holds that title) and is one of the best Flyers to ever play. Keith Primeau was one of the best all around players the Flyers had over the past decade. The only reason I give him the edge on Richards is because I think he was a bit better offensively. Finally, Recchi was another shoe in at the top of the list. He holds the record for most points in a season by a Flyers ever and was phenomenal during his days in the orange and black

Second Line

John LeClair - Mike Richards - Mike Knuble

Again, these three players are three of my favourites. LeClair was the player I idolized growing up during his days as a part of the legion of doom, his amazing connection with the Recching-Ball and is often considered the best net precence the Flyers ever had. Mike Richards is now the face of the franchise and is one of the best Flyers to ever play. He is now "Bobby Clarke" of the new era and will be the leader of this team for years to come. Knuble was also a fan favourite in Philly. Like LeClair, Knuble knew what to do in front of the net.

Third Line

Vinny ProspalDanny Briere - Tony Amonte

This is where you'll probably start to question me. After the four above, the Flyers never had outstanding wingers. Prospal makes the cut because he was very good for us back in 2008. He played very well with Briere and was a very good finisher. Briere is here because he is a very dynamic player. He is a pure goal scorer but needs to play his natural position of center. Amonte was very good for us when he was here and was a very good player

Fourth Line

Scott Hartnell - Jeff Carter - Sami Kapanen

Hartnell is a lessoned version of John LeClair. He hits, he creates traffic in front but isn't as offensively gifted as LeClair was. Carter is probably the best pure goal scorer on the Flyers as of now. He's big, fast and has a wicked shot. He tends to not be consistent, act lazy and not be fisty enough. The reason Briere was higher is because even though he is inconsistent, he's never lazy and gives it his all every night. Kapanen was very effective in his early days as a Flyer. He was a great two-way player, and an offensive upside and was very, very fast.

Honorable Mentions: Jeremy Roenick, Peter Forsberg and R.J. Umberger

First Pairing

Chris Pronger - Eric Desjardins

Pronger is arguably the best defenseman we've ever had. He is incredible at what he does and his very intimidating. He also has an offensive upside. Desjardins was a great offensive defenseman and was incredible even in his own end. He had a good, accurate shot and is of the best offensive defenseman the Flyers ever had.

Second Pairing

Kimmo Timonen - Danny Markov

Both are very good defenseman. Timonen is very underrated and is comparable to Desjardins. Timonen plays a lot bigger than expected and is a tough competitor in his own end. Markov was just a solid defenseman. He was reliable and a top pairing guy.

Third Pairing

Kim Johnsson - Jason Smith

Johnsson was very good during his days in Philly. He was good offensively and was key part of the defensive core during their run in 2004. Smith was very good for the Flyers. He was great in his own end, stood up for teammates and was great in the locker room. One of best stay at home defenseman of the decade.

Honorable Mentions: Derian Hatcher, Matt Carle and Joni Pitkanen

First String Goalie

Ray Emery

Before you guys start questioning, hear me out. Emery played at an incredible level during his short stint with the Flyers. He was being considered for the Canadian Olympic team. He had tremendous numbers and was one of the best goalies the Flyers had. Too bad he got injured.

Second String Goalie

Martin Biron

Biron was never a phenomenal goalie, but he did have his moments. Against the Habs in the playoffs he was simplay unbelievable and had many great saves over the two seasons in which he was our starter.

Honorable Mentions: Antero Niittymaki, Roman Checkmanek and Brian Boucher

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