The Flyers 09/10 Stanley Cup Playoffs, expressed through the CotN

The Stanley Cup Playoffs: The second season; the real season. 

Call it whatever you want but it’s simply the greatest sports championship tournament in the world. 


We just finished our first BSH street hockey gathering and were happy to have at least an extra 10 days of hockey.  Who thought a shootout would be so important!

During the first playoff game we reached a record +1,300 comments and 56 fantastic hockey filled days later comments reached well above 3000.


Game after game, series after series, the improbable run made for a fantastic spring. As the quality of play improved on the ice, so did the insights, insults, witty remarks and in game breakdowns on line.  Tons of new fans joined BSH and lots of people who would come to read the board became inspired to type a comment too.  Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, comments from other teams fans as well as friends from across the globe loged onto BSH to join the conversation.   After the jump, enjoy the Flyers incredible 09/10 Stanley Cup Playoffs, expressed through the CotN


April 14th Game 1

W 2-1 vs Devils

1. Boosh

2. Richie

3. Devils fans (for not showing up)



April 16 Game 2

L 5-3 vs Devils

Did you hear all those Devils fans cheering sarcastically as if they were glad the Flyers scored?



April 18th Game 3

W 3-2 vs Devils

I love Carcillo’s surprised look!


- flysrfrk05


April 20th Game 4

W 4-1 vs Devils


- edbro


April 22nd Game 5

W 3-0 vs Devils

Jesus Powe, can you be any more of a BAMF

- JpH89


May 1st Game 1

L 4-5 vs Boston

Mike Richards just made a nice play in front of Pierre McGuire.

That must have been the greatest moment in Pierre’s life.

- JFein


May 3rd Game 2

L 3-2 vs Boston

For the record, I want to f*ck Kristen Bell.

- EREX21, responding to dreams of playing the Caps instead


May 5th Game 3

L 4-1 vs Boston

All those fans leaving is embarrassing.

-Ben Feldman


May 7th Game 4

W 5-4 vs Boston

I know, I’m scared too.

- jello44, responding to Hartnell's fine play


May 10th Game 5

W 4-0 vs Boston

Ok, either Hartnell just scored or God divided by zero…

- Boog609


May 12th Game 6

W 2-1 vs Boston

Is it Friday yet?

- EREX21


May 14th GAME 7!!!!

W 4-3 vs Boston

Everybody wins this one today.  Every single comment was epic, timeless, and a part of history.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

The Philadelphia Flyers are in the Eastern Conference Finals.  They've already secured a place in immortality, but the playoffs are not even half way done.  What a time to be alive.

Go Flyers.

- Ben Rothenberg




May 16th Game 1

W 6-0 vs Montreal

Harwood just calling Laviolette "Peter." Good call on his part.

- Ben Feldman


May 18th Game 2

W 3-0 vs Montreal





- Fleet Fox, even though he's not a Flyer fan


May 20th Game 3

L 5-1 vs Montreal

Yeah, I don’t know either, I just loved yelling his name… try it sometime it’s fun…

- PatterPoet95, on missing R.J. Umberger


May 22nd Game 4

W 3-0 vs Montreal


- Boog609


May 24th Game 5

W 4-2 vs Montreal

I’m crying.

- JFein, feeling what a lot of us feel


May 29th SCF Game 1

L 6-5 vs Chicago

Did [Pierre] just advise Niemi NOT to go down on his knees? A little hypocritical, isn’t it Pierre?

- shafnutz05


May 31st SCF Game 2

L 2-1 vs Chicago

Latvian sea wolves are the very best kind of sea wolves.

- HuckNZ


June 2nd SCF Game 3

W 4-3 vs Chicago


It’s 4:15 a.m. here.

I’m staying up to celebrate!

- Orange And Black Forever


Off to bed now with a smile on my face! 4.13am!

- Glasgow Flyer



June 4th SCF Game 4

W 5-3 vs Chicaco

Marriage? Geoff – you didn’t tell us you were heading to Massachusetts with Boosh!

- IcersGuy


June 6th SCF Game 5

L 4-7 vs Chicago

I will never drink Amstel Light again.

-The DTrain


June 9th SCF Game 6

L 4-3 Chicago

Fifty years from now, what the Flyers did this post-season will be still be marveled at. That can never be, and never will be, taken away from us. The 2010 Chicago Blackhawks will be on a lengthy list of Stanley Cup Champions. But for as long as professional sports are a big part of American culture and society, the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers will never be forgotten, and will eternally be remembered for what they have done over the last several weeks. For as long as I live, I will never forget what I have seen over the past two months.

-Ben Feldman


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