The Flyers 09/10 season expressed through the "Comment of the Night" Part 1

The "comment of the night" has earned a special place to those of us who type incessant ramblings as we watch the Flyers play Ice hockey.  Some are insightful, a few are prophetic, others are just funny as hell.  Rarley is it the smarting thing said all night, but the CotN always sums up what we, as a community felt during the game.

After the jump is the first part of the season.  From the seasons first game to the Winter Classic told to us by one liners

Oct 2nd W 2-0 vs Carolina

(No CotN)

Go Flyers!



Oct 3rd W 5-2 vs Devils

(No CotN)

The dream is still alive.  82-0, baby.



Oct 6th W 6-5 vs Washington

(No CotN)

Overall, it wasn't pretty, but the team showed a lot of resilience in squeaking out the win. They don't win this game last season.



Oct 8th L 5-4 vs Pens

I’ve already had two glasses of wine. It’s not helping.



Oct 10th L 3-2 vs Ducks

Figures. Selanne won this game singlehandedly.

-Ben Feldman


Oct 16th L 4-2 vs Panthers

(No CotN)

So much for Philly teams knowing what to do with one-point leads.

-Ben Rothenberg


Oct 22nd W 4-3 vs Boston

<img src=""/>

"John Boruk looks BA in this pic.  Asham looks like he is about to come over the boards and eat the camera."


Oct 24th W 5-1 vs Panthers

So…anything interesting in this one?



OCT 25th L 4-1 vs Sharks

I was at a party at the Swedish embassy last night, and they had a big picture of Forsberg in a Flyers jersey on a wall of great Swedes.

-Ben Rothenberg


Oct 27th L 4-2 vs Washington

(No CotN)

Five wins in the first ten games is definitely below expectations, but the season is still young.



Oct 31 W 6-1 vs Carolina

It’s only fitting for the Flyers to win on Halloween.


It’s still New York. AL or not, everybody hates the Yankees.

-Ben Rothenberg


Nov 2nd W 6-2 vs Tampa

(No CotN)

Plenty of yapping, but no fights for Downie.



Nov 6th  W 5-2 vs Sabres

Since we don’t seem to have any archive of the game at all, I went over to “Die by the Blade” and will now post each and every single comment from their site for that game.


Good to see the relatively stable Sabers attendance numbers.



and finally the last one……






We hear it tonight even before the opening faceoff



Nov 7th W 2-1 vs Blues

That’s a Scott Hartnell goal right there.

-Ben Feldman


Nov 12 W 5-1 vs Senators

I am really glad to see the Flyers pour it on and not sit back!



Nov 14th L 3-2 vs Sabres

I feel like I have been blue-balled all night. Teasing me with all these chances but I just can’t get my nut!



Nov 16th W 3-2 vs Devils

Ya know, I have to reprogram myself to not passively be okay with the Islanders winning. They have the same number of points as the Flyers now.

-Ben Rothenberg


Nov 18th W 3-2 vs Kings

Pyro gonna score tonight…hopefully.



Nov 20th L 6-3 vs Sharks

I’m not too impressed with anything tonight.

-Ben Feldman


Nov 21st L 3-1 vs Coyotes

(No CotN)

It will be their fourth division leading opponent in their last six games. This road trip stuff is not for the weak.



Nov 23rd L 5-4 vs Colorado

Whatever you do, just DON’T TOUCH THE BASEBALL CAP.

-Ben Feldman, after Emery took a seat on the bench


Nov 25th W 2-1 vs Islanders


-Ben Feldman, reacting to the Flyers taking the lead


Nov 27th L 4-2 vs Sabres

My Goodness, HE IS MY F’ING HERO!

-flyrsfrk05, on Lappy's return


Nov 28th L 1-0 vs Atlanta

I’m running out of things to say about this team.

-Ben Feldman


Dec 3rd L 3-0 vs Vancouver

i think the flyers need more cow bell




Dec 5th L 8-2 vs Washington

Its Laviolette's debut

(No CotN) So I will simply share Carrillo’s contributions towards the coaches new system


PHI – 14:33, D. Carcillo (cross check – 2 min)

PHI – 14:33, D. Carcillo (fighting – 5 min)

PHI – 14:33, D. Carcillo (misconduct – 10 min)

PHI – 14:33, D. Carcillo (instigator – 2 min)

PHI – 14:33, D. Carcillo (game misconduct – 10 min)


Dec 7th L 3-1 vs Montreal

Carter couldn’t make the Egyptian team right now.



Dec 8th W 6-2 vs Islanders

We win tonight.

-doubleh, prior to the game


Dec 10th L 2-0 vs Senators

At least he’s scoring somewhere

-JpH89, on Carter getting some tail at the club


Dec 12th L 4-1 vs Devils

(No CotN) but included in the recap is this gem

After the jump, highlights from the game, questions answered, and tonight's pick for the best Philadelphia bridge to jump off of.


Dec 14th W 3-1 vs Boston

Everyone remember what clothes they have on RIGHT NOW so you can wear them again tomorrow…



Dec 15th L 6-1 vs Penguins

The flyers are like the titanic... They look good until they hit the ice.



Dec 17th L 3-2 vs Penguins

Come On Boys! Go out there and bite someone if you have to, lets get this thing turned around tonight. ...

M from Pdaddy


Dec 19th L 2-1 vs Rangers

Pronger can’t shoot from the point  (said two minutes before Pronger scores the tying goal)



Dec 21st L4-1 vs Panthers

Why would you ruin Vokoun’s chance at a shutout?

Chocula78, after the Flyers lone goal


Dec 23rd W 5-2 vs Tampa

Does Richards know it’s legal to pass in a 2-on-1?

Ben Feldman, just before Richards scored without passing on a 2-on-1


Dec 26th W 4-3 vs Carolina

Shootouts are a joke.



Dec 27th W 2-1 vs Islanders

Still selling santa sacks.

M from Pdaddy


Dec 30th W 6-0 vs Rangers

(No CotN)….and now for something completely different

Consecutive wins since the Flyers' locker room filled with poo right before Christmas:


Next time, we're doin' it outside.  Go Flyers.


Jan 1st Winter Classic L 2-1 vs Boston


Danny Syvret, offensive dynamo.

Ben Rothenberg


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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