Does anyone dislike the NY Rangers as much as me? What is your top ten Rivalry List?

I have always said That if my first born Child was to grow up to be a NY Ranger Fan That I would Drown it at Birth. Of course you know that is all Tongue in Cheek but my point is. I HATE THE NY RANGERS ! and I HATE THE NY RANGERS FANS AS WELL ! 

Back in the 1990's when it was called the CoreStates Center - We had Primeau and NY had Messier and Gretzky. Primeau and Messier were not playing they were injured but I went to a game and a NY Ranger Fan was at the game with his Fugly girlfriend. They both were sitting in the next section over from me and my father, section 202 in their NY Rangers Mark Messier Jerseys and just being Obnoxious as a NY Ranger Fan Can be in life.

NY Scored first but the FLYERS pulled it out to win it 2 to 1 in the third period. The NY Ranger fan was Taunting every single person in the building. He was holding up his 1994 NY Rangers Stanley Cup Champions Tee Shirt and Taunting every single fan in the stadium. He wasnt even facing the Ice or the game. He had his back to the game taunting everyone in the second level. 

The FLYERS fans at first dismissed him that he was a pure TOOL and ignored him at first. But he kept going over and over. Even when the FLYERS took the lead. Eventually the guy got a ritual Beer Bath and the Security Management came out and for his safety removed him from the stadium with 2 minutes left to play. So even though the Rangers Pulled their Goalie he missed the ending. My Father and I were Enjoying the game and I even got to see my Dad who was in his Mid 50's at that time stand up and Curse the Guy out as he was leaving ! Now you don't know my father but for him to do this, You really have to get under his skin for him to lose his religion. I was Smiling from Ear to Ear thinking "YEAH DAD ! GET EM !" 

Next day the Local Daily News Newspaper had an Article and he made the Back cover of the Sports page and the article was called  "I Feared for my Life - FLYERS fans are unpleasant towards opposing teams fans."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I called the Newspaper and contacted the writer and told him how the guy was taunting the fans and pretty much brought it all on himself. That if he wanted to write an article, please research it before publishing a biased view article. The writer told me that it was based off of what the GUY told him when he called him to present the story. SO the NY Ranger fan was not only a Dweeb for starting the whole incident, and then had to be removed for both his and her safety (Nice guy, putting his girlfriend in Danger), but he also is a bigger Dweeb for contacting the Local Newspaper to perpetuate the whole incident even further ! 

So thats one experience why I HATE NY RANGERS and NY RANGERS FANS. I can name a few others like, 

A. Ron Hextall playing in goal @ MSG after Pelle Lindbergh was killed and the fans were chanting "Hexy buy a Porsche !"  Talk about truly tasteless fans !

B. Hall of Famer Bernie Parent (Then a Maple Leaf) in the melee of a scrum losses his mask and it goes into the MSG fans and they refused to give it back to him making him get another mask.

So I ask you - What is your TOP TEN of Sports Teams that you absolutely HATE with a Passion ! 

What is your Rivalry List? 

It can be from any pro sport team, It can be because of a Rivalry, It can be because the Fans are arrogant, it can be because you hate their colors or whatever You tell me.

I will start off with my TOP TEN 

1. THE NY RANGERS (From now On I refer to them as the NY Stinkin' Rangers)

2.  The Dallas Cowboys

3. EVERY SINGLE REMAINING NY SPORTS TEAM THAT ever has or does EXISTS ( I dont Care if they are a Professional NY Chess team and I never heard of them - if its NY and its Pro sport - I HATE EM !)

4. The Pittsburgh Penguins 

5. The Montreal Canadiens ( I hate how the fans throw their noses up at every other fan and act like they are the Greatest because they have won the most Stanley Cup Championship Games.) 

6. The Detroit Red Wings

7. The Atlanta Braves

8. The Washington Redskins (when they used to be good which was like 20 some years ago !)

9. The NJ Devils

10. And Recently tied with Edmonton Oilers - The Chicago Blackhawks. (see below)

(To get the Stanley Cup Finals and lose - if you cannot fester and brew a hatred for the team that beats you in the ultimate holy grail game - Then I ask you, where is your passion? )  




This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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