Shameless Self-Promotion

Way back in August 2010, I started a thread kicking around the idea of an "official" BSH band, The Garrett Klotz Argument.  The idea fizzled out for a number of reasons, but the discussion eventually led to my decision to use the name for instrumental pieces I write.  (The invitation to collaborate with me is still open, but I have been very busy with a lot of other things.)

The thread also led Travis to contact me and ask me to write a theme song for BSH Radio.  I did, and he used what I gave him.  I wasn't happy with the results because the mix sucked.  Long story short, I'm used to recording / engineering in analog, and I always left digital engineering / editing to those who are better at it than I am.

Travis was kind enough to let me re-do the song from scratch, which I did with my engineer Jeff White.  It took a while to coordinate our schedules, deal with various snowstorms / Port Richmond water-main breaks, etc., but we finished everything this past Saturday.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the very first song from The Garrett Klotz Argument, "Here Comes The Sports!" As before, it will be the BSH Radio theme.  You may go to Bandcamp to listen to the song or or download it for free.

I'll eventually have more songs up on the Bandcamp page, but I'm trying to get accepted into graduate school (for music therapy) so I won't have time to do so for now.  Patience, young Skywalkers.

Thanks for listening.

PS - Thanks for all of the positive feedback so far, everyone.  Youse guys're awesome.

PPS - I hate labels for music, so I came up with the fictitious genre "Post-Math Indie-Prog."  There's some truth to it - four sub-genres of rock music which have been influential to me are post-punk, math rock, indie rock, and progressive rock.  The "Philadelphia" is in there because you have to put your band's location in Bandcamp.

PPPS - For people who are obsessed with gear and want to know what I used: The melody guitar line was done on a 1996 Gibson Nighthawk Special (my main axe since '96); the harmony line and the chords (beneath the organ) were done on a sunburst DiPinto Galaxie 4; the bass was a fretless, hecho-en-Mexico Fender Jazz; the keyboard was my trusty old Casio MT-68 run through a Rust Booster (HAO) box; and I will have to get back to you on the drums and microphones used.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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