Flyers logic puzzle


Greetings, everyone.  One of the reasons I enjoy this site is the intelligence of the community- you know what you are talking about with hockey, and are not afraid to call out things that are wrong in a kind fashion, even if the idea is accepted in the mainstream media. 

With that intelligence in mind, I've developed a logic puzzle for you to solve.  There are five fans (James, Sergei, Wayne, Timmo and Andrej) who like five historical teams ('75, '80, '87, '97 and '10), who have dogs named after five Flyer greats (Parent, Hextall, Clarke, Howe and Leach), who have five different favorite current players (Briere, Pronger, Carle, Giroux and Bryzgolov), who live in five different cities (Philadelphia, Lancaster, Norristown, Reading and Chester), and have five different 2nd favorite sports (cricket, baseball, football, basketball, and soccer).  So that's five different fans with five different categories for you to match up.

A few notes before I give the clues and the grid- the categories, unless specified otherwise, have no relation to each other (e.g. Clarke's owner won't necessarily be a fan of the '75 or '80 teams because Clarke played on them).  I also have no idea just how difficult this is- it could be a breeze or it could be downright impossible.  My guess is that it's somewhat difficult, but not a total brain melter.   I do know it is solvable.

I will also be giving a prize to the first one who matches up the fans with all the categories correctly- I do hook rugs and will make a small (12" x 40") banner rug of the winner's choice.

  1. The Briere fan has a framed poster of the '80 team.
  2. Wayne has a wide collection of bats in addition to his hockey sticks.
  3. Timmo isn't from Lancaster.
  4. Of the five, only Andrej has a favorite player as a forward and his dog is named after a forward.
  5. The five fans were the fan from Reading, the '97 fan, Wayne, the football fan, and the Briere fan.
  6. The baseball fan likes the '10 team.
  7. Of Timmo and Parent's owner, one is from Norristown and the other is the football fan.
  8. Leach's owner doesn't like cricket.
  9. Clarke's owner recently bought his dog a small Bryzgolov jersey.
  10. Sergei doesn't own Parent.
  11. The Giroux fan likes a team five years older then the Leach fan.
  12. The three fans who like teams after 1985 are James, the baseball fan and Clarke's owner.
  13. The historical teams are liked, starting from the earliest, by Howe's owner, the Lancaster resident, the basketball fan, Clarke's owner, and the Pronger fan.
  14. Of Wayne and the '75 team, one is Parent's owner, the other is from Chester.




This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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