HEY LOOK HERE! BSH Open Ice Details...Goalies, I'm counting on you guys.

Date: Saturday, December 17th

Time: 10:45pm-12:15am

Where: Aston Ice Works

Rink #: Go in to the entrance for Rink 1 & 2, look at the sheets, look for the name Brielle or Aram for 10:45 and it should be listed. If you're lost look for a guy with a blue hat with "CFC" on it, I'll try to wave people down. Check back to see if I can get a definite answer by Saturday, if not, it should be easy to find if you follow what I said to do. At the very least I'll bring a pen and write BSH on the sheet.

Cost: ~$15 cash.

Please bring a dark a light colored jersey, preferably one black and one white.

Remember this is for fun and all skill levels, bring a good attitude with you and your $15. A couple confirmations are hanging out there but we should still have a pretty good showing. It looks like we'll have at the very least 8 per team plus goalies, and at most 10 per team plus goalies.

Ben and BFrank will be the goalies.

I will get a table for 10-12 people at Cocco's. If you walk in, walk to the right, then make another right down a couple steps; this is where I'll try to get us a table. I'll be getting to Cocco's around 7:30, let me know when I can expect you guys.

I'll be getting to the rink at 9:45 at the latest. I'm planning on trying to get the lockers open, update the rink list and write BSH Open Ice on it somewhere so there is no confusion, and trying to get half dressed so I can flag down the stragglers and collect money without having to be late getting on the ice. Also, apparently I have to hockey dad it and help Shaun and Jenn get dressed.

Cocco's Location

Aston Ice Works Location

Player List:

1. Ben (Goalie) CONFIRMED & COCCO's





6. Earl's Son CONFIRMED & COCCO's

7. Brielle CONFIRMED & COCCO's

8. FlyerFan139 CONFIRMED

9. Mike Doubtful

9. trtaylor CONFIRMED & COCCO's

10. roadrunnerdrummer CONFIRMED & COCCO's

11. bfrank27 (Goalie) CONFIRMED

12. Vansteel CONFIRMED & COCCO's

13. Jeffy Dets CONFIRMED

14. Dinkster

14. cwicemvp12 CONFIRMED

15. Brielle's Brother CONFIRMED

16. Lauren CONFIRMED

17. Travis 50/50

18. Geoff Mang 50/50

19. Kevin 50/50

I have calls out to two players to fill in the spots that Mike and dinkster were in. Either way we should still have 8-10 per team plus goalies.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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