All Movie Character Team

We've been winning a lot and there isn't much to talk about because some things are becoming eminent: 14= Zherdev, 13= Shelley, 11/12= Nodl and Carcillo. Shelley deters (had to say it), Nodl plays D, and Mezaros is right around a 2.5/5. Now lets get down to the fun stuff. My imagination is running away from me in class and I'm assembling a hockey team of Movie Caracters. I'm not going to explain it so I'll just show you:

The only rule is the person must be in their origional form... so no Iron Man or Avatar.

Batman: Darrol Powe- Fourth line winger. Batman and Powesie are very similar. They both do tough jobs for the good of the city or team. They are both introverts. Powe just needs a mask and a cape.

Achiles: Eric Lindros- Superstar center. Both guys have had major problems with managment. Both guys are physically and skillfully superior to everyone they've ever come across. They will bully you and then win the game.

Hell Boy: George Laraque- Fourth line enforser. Jody Shelley might not deter dirty hits, but Hell Boy would. He's also pretty quick, I'd love him screening the net.

Spiderman: Dominick Hasek- Goalie. What helped turn Peter Parker into a spider person? Great vision. Great reflexes. Great flexibility. Hello everyone, meet the Dominater.

Liam Neeson: Sean O'Donnell- third pair defensmen. He might not have great skills, but he's physical. He's an old, veteran presense that will sacrifice his body for the team whether it be blocking a shot or dropping the gloves. "Taken" doesn't have the size, but his speed and agility makes up for it.

Crixus: Rod Brind'amor- Fourth line center. Crixus is from "Sparticus" the Showtime show. Season 1 was amazing and about Sparticus. Season 2 is a prequil and about Crixus. He's bad ass and has crazy cordination. He's a flat out warrior and was a under the radar guy. He's the definition of a team player.

John McClain: Mark Recchi- second line winger-He's the ageless wonder. He's a great guy to add to a line with a young superstar such as Harry Potter on it. He's old, he's small, he's physical, he's the perfect Mark Recchi.

Jack Bauer: Kimmo Timonen- Top pair defensmen. Both guys avoid fighting with their fists. Bauer kills people before it gets to that and Kimmo disarms them of the puck. Both guys are very physical in general as Kimmo is just very efficient in his physicality. Smaller, quick guys who are tough as nails. How many times have you seen Kimmo take one in the chest and limp off only to return next shift?

Harry Potter- Claude Giroux- top line winger. Both guys are relativley quiet with goofy senses of humor. Both guys are around the same size. Both guys have toughness beyond their size. Potter is a wizard with his wand, Giroux is a wizard with the puck.

Lex Luther- Matt Cooke- third line winger. "The greatest criminal mnd of all time." 'Nuff Said.

Neo- Steve Stamkos- Third line center. Both guys just came out of no where into a new world... Neo the "real" world, Stamkos in the superstar world. Neo moves so fast he dodges bullets and can hit you 100 times before you blink. If you blink with Stamkos, the puck's in the net.

Kenny Powers- Jaramir Jagr- first line winger. Both guys are big dudes. Both guys have amazing mullets. Both guys can shoot lasers... Kenny from his arm and Jagr from his stick.

Bobby Lee Swagger- Brett Hull- second line winger. "Shooter" is the name of the movie. Swagger was the best sniper in the world. He might have been the best sniper in any movie ever. Hull could snipe too... just differently.

Terminator- John Scott- Third pair defense. Look up a Joh Scott fight. He is the terminator. 6'8'' 255 Lb. heavyweight.

"Agent J" (Will Smith in MiB)- Eric Tangradi- Third line forward. Eric Tangradi: 6'4'' 225 lbs from Philly PA. Will Smith 6'2' 220 lbs from Philly PA. He chased that Alien across NYC, man was that scene awesome.

Chuck Norris.

Alternate Captain: Hector from "Troy"- Top Defensmen. Hector was the man. He was the ultimate leader and he did everything for his country. Great family guy. Great prince. He'd be an asset to any locker room.

Alternate Captain: Maximus Decimus Meridious- Chris Pronger. Both guys are physical as could be. Both gusy hate authority. Both guys say whats on their mind to who ever. The way Pronger handles the puck and shows calmness is the same way that "Gladiator" creates a calmness when he's in his most physical element. 

Captain: King Leonidas (300)- Mark Messier. The greatest leader ever. He fought to the death for his fellow warriors. He sliced and diced up enemies and made the god king bleed. What more needs to be said.




John McClane-Leonidas-Swagger







What do you think?

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