BSH Open Ice Confirmation, Please Respond.

Hey everyone, we only have 4 days before our open ice game arrives, and I want to get everyone confirmed below. The game will be at 10:15pm at Aston Ice Works this Saturday night on Rink 3. The cost will be about $15-$20 per person depending how many show up. Please bring cash, we will collect and pay before we start playing.

For those of you wanting to meet up before hand and watch the Flyers game, we will be meeting between 6:45 and 7:00pm at Cocco's in Aston for dinner and drinks. If you google directions, please use "2430 Dutton Mill Road (Corner Dutton Mill & Concord Roads) Aston, PA 19014". 2430 will not show up, you have to have the corner location for it to work.

Please Rec this so it gets promoted so everyone see the update.

Also, Aston Ice Works just got their liquor license. This means we can't bring in beer to the game. Please respect the new rules.

Please bring both a white and black jersey (or some color). We will play white jerseys versus color jerseys, and if the teams aren't even, we'll adjust as we go, so please have both choices if possible.

If I do not have you confirmed by noon on Saturday, I will assume you are not going to make it, and will fill the spot with someone else if we are short players.

Please respond to here if you are definitely coming, and if you do have friends already on the list, if they are coming. Please be honest and accurate with this. Also, let me know if you are coming for the Flyers game at Cocco's or just for the Open Ice game. Confirmations are below, if I have you in bold, you are confirmed, if you are in italics, you are not confirmed.

Goalie Head Count:

  1. Ben My Friend Mike - Cocco's
  2. Geoff M's friend Matt - Cocco's

Skater Head Count:

  1. Don - Cocco's
  2. Brielle - ?
  3. Jenn - Cocco's
  4. Travis - Cocco's
  5. Shaun (KreiderDesigns) - Cocco's
  6. Chris (VanSteel) - Cocco's
  7. Travis's friend.
  8. Geoff M - Cocco's
  9. Matt (flyguy11589) - Cocco's
  10. ddrums - Just Rink
  11. vmp85 - Cocco's
  12. powderice - Just Rink
  13. Dan (sjuhawks42) Replaced with the man, the myth, the legend...Earl - Just Rink
  14. mandershockey - Cocco's (Late)
  15. jMm8_ - Just Rink
  16. beatniche - Cocco's (Late)
  17. Geoff M's friend Dave - Cocco's (Late)
  18. ddrum's brother - Just Rink
  19. Chris's friend Rich - Just Rink
  20. Flyerfan139 - Needs a ride from Blue Bell.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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