March Madness - But which Madness do you follow?!

Living in Philadelphia area and Traveling the world, I have seen many sports fans. I have been to Ontario and New Brunswick many times and I sometimes wish that living in philadelphia that the sports fans here love HOCKEY as Much as Canadians do in Ontario or New Brunswick.  

I am a Die Hard FLYERS fan and I love Philadelphia and all things of Philly and its surrounding Communities. But it was great everytime I woke up in Ontario or in NB and turn on the TSN and its 80% HOCKEY on the sports channel everyday. (NHL, AHL, OHL, & QMJHL dominate the news broadcast !) 

I Love all things Philly - I.E. Rocky, Cheesesteaks, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, TastyKakes, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews, Yeungling Beer, that old Pervert Ben Franklin, and of course my beloved FLYERS Hockey Team. I just wish that FLYERS and HOCKEY was much more bigger in Philadelphia. If I could I would Infuse TSN FLYERS and HOCKEY in Philadelphia with all our other "All things Philly".

Even though the FLYERS fans are DIE HARD FANS and Knowledgeable fans, were not the Dominate sports team in this city. : ( SAD BUT TRUE ! In fact, we often take a back seat of the 1975 Chevy Impala to the other sports teams like, The Eagles, The Phillies, The Sixers (wait - we have an NBA Team here in Philly ? ) 

But worse, ... even NCAA College Basketball during March Madness ! I may sound UN-American when I say this but I HATE NCAA MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL !! I hate the field of 68 teams and the bracket and everything about it.

We have a team thats FIRST in the NHL EASTERN CONFERENCE and people are wondering how GONZAGA state or how PERDUE or how KANSAS and NC STATE are doing in the Tourney right now ? 


So 11 out of 12 months you dont care a diddly squat about George Mason and probably couldnt tell me where that college is located at If I spotted you the state !  You might not even have a degree from one single college in the tournament and yet you go GOO GOO GAH GAH for the Month of March for NCAA Tourney ?!


Its MARCH and we are positioning for NHL Playoffs right now and yet In Philadelphia we may get on the sports page 10 pages back in an OH BY THE WAY ... FLYERS won Article.  Are you kidding me? 

So I ask you - Which March Madness do you follow ? NCAA Tourney Or NHL Seeding Positioning and playoff push run ? 

Second question I ask you is.. Is It wrong or UN-American to HATE The NCAA March Madness ?

Third question I ask you is .. Shouldn't we just spot each basketball team 100 points and just play for 2 minutes ? 

Disclaimer: This has been an Unfact-ual backed Opinion meant to make you comment, have an opinion or a discussion, and in no way meant to offend anyone.  I assure you almost everyone from BSH does not support these opinions. 

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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