Jeff Carter is an elite scorer

As far as consistency goes, Jeff Carter is among the best. Yeah, I said it! In season Jeff gets hot and cold, but who doesn't? What Jeff carter brings to the table is a big 6'3" frame, deceiving top-tier speed, ability in the face-off circle, solid defensive presence, and a wicked wrist shot. With the increase in interest there has been an emphases on judging players based on other, more telling, methods such as Goals per 60, PP goals per 60, quality of competition/teammates, shooting %, yada yada yada, I'm going to look at good old fashioned goals. What I want to know doesn't really need advanced stats. I am trying to compare Jeff Carter to the other elite scorers in the NHL today and their consistency. My player pool consists of the top 20 goal scorers in the NHL right now, as well as any top ten guys from last year who dropped out.

I'm having a formatting problem so here's what I got: Player, Average goals per the past three years, average rank among goal scorers for the past three years. This years goals were proportionated to a full season and rookies numbers only included the years they were in the league.

  1. Ovechkin 46-7
  2. Stamkos 41-7
  3. Carter 39-7
  4. Crosby 39-11
  5. Marleau 38-10
  6. Kovalchuk 38-10
  7. Nash 36-9
  8. Heatley 35-13
  9. Semin 35-13
  10. Parise 35-13 (This year's .25 goals a game through 12 was set over a full season)
  11. Ryan 34-11
  12. Iginla 34-11
  13. D. Sedin 34-12
  14. E. Stall 34-13
  15. Perry 34-12
  16. Kessel 32-15
  17. Moulson 32-15
  18. Towes 31-16
  19. Kesler 30-14
  20. Sharp 30-15
  21. Burrows 29-17
  22. Gaborik 25-17
  23. Briere 24-18
  24. Grabner 20-18
  25. Lucic 20-20
  26. Grabovski 20-22

Jeff Carter is only one of 5 players to average a top 10 finish in goal over the past three seasons. The others? Some guys named Ovechkin, Stamkos, Marleau, and Nash. Carter and Ovechkin are at an average of 6.7 a season as of right now, with Stamkos trailing at 7.33, Nash at 8.66, and Marleau with 9.66.

Just for the record, Carter makes 5 mil this year and will make 5.25 for the remainder of his career (or atleast untill he's in his middle 30s). Ovechkin? 9.538 million for his career. Marleau? 6.9 mil. Nash? 7.8. These are the top contracts that each player will ever play in their career. Carters is over 1.5 cheaper than Marleau, 2.5 than Nash, and over 4 million cheaper than Ovechkin. As for Stamkos, he makes 3.75 mil this year and will be a restricted free agent next year. His cap hit for next year will almost guarunteed make more than Carter. Whether he will take a 10 year 100 million type deal or a 3 year 25 million is yet to be seen, but eventually he'll be around the 8-9 million range, while Carter will never hit 5.5.

I know we all bash Carter all the time, but the next time he fires high and wide and you crack a Jeffie joke... just remember how VALUE-able he is to our team as a top flight goal scorer as well as everything else he brings to the table. With him and Richie locked up we have 2 top lines for the next ten years. Add on Giroux and we have 3 scoring lines for as long as the three of them are together... all for the price of (5.75 (richie) + 5.25 (carter) + 3.75 (giroux) = 14.75 million dollars. Divide that number by the projected 61.4 million dollar cap hit for next year (Carter and Giroux's contracts in the 14.75 are for next year so I'm keeping consistancy) and you get 24% of the cap hit for 34% of our goal scoring this year.

Go Flyers!

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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