Are Penguins fans really this oblivious?

My "" page serves one purpose: quick access to my fantasy teams. Before, it served another: Flyer articles. I was just logging on to my fantasy baseball page and noticed an article under puck headlines titled "Mike Richards vs. Pens Fans." I clicked and was absolutely shocked at what I saw.

Mike Richards tweeted "Does anyone else find it creepy that a 45 yr old man dress like hulk hogan has time to make that many signs…..just saying." He even later responded with this tweet, "People need to RELAX and take a joke, I actually thought the signs were kind of funny. Didn't mean to cause a Pitt/Philly chirp fest." As of right now, 4:24 PM on Wednesday, it says that Richie's first tweet was 18 hours ago (right after the end of the game) and his second one was 16 hours ago, just two hours after that. I thought the tweet was funny and didn't see the signs so I can't comment. aparently had other thoughts. I will copy and paste just outrageous quotes from this one article titled: "A Thank You Letter" (actual link:

"First of all, for an elite talent to publicly call out a fan is completely elementary and not really called for."


"Secondly, Captain Richards, is Mr. Clark’s signs dulling your memory of some tendencies of your own Flyers Fans? For instance, cheering and clapping when players get hurt, being a proud of a title “Broad Street Bullies”, in which from 1976 until the late 1990′s was a tongue-in-cheek reference for your franchise being able to do nothing less than be goons? Or my personal favorite, the oh so loud chants of “Crosby Sucks” whether Sid plays or not."

Whoa, whoa, whoa... first of all, cheering and clapping when players get hurt, we aren't Eagles fans (sorry Birds fans...). Secondly, from 76-90 we played in 2 cups and we still are called the Broad Street Bullies, but now its tounge-in-cheek for how Lord Bettman hates the Flyers and would do anything to watch Crosby and Ovechkin play with each other for an ECF and a fight for the conference... every year. Were going to chant Crosby Sucks forever... sorry. He obviously doesn't suck, he's the best player in hockey, by far... but were still going to let him know how much we... love ... him. The Rangers chant "Potvan Sucks" to this day.

Then he BS's about how they never chant 'OV sucks' or 'Richie sucks' or whoever sucks because they're better than that (LOL) but this is what made me laugh out loud:

"BUT— What you failed to realize when posting a essentially meaningless ‘Tweet’, in a joking manner or not, you lit a fire under the proverbial asses of every Penguin Fan and more or less made this April’s Playoffs that much more interesting."

That is what makes the playoffs more interesting? I'm not even going to comment on the whole lighting a fire under the proverbial asses of whoever, because the Pens players don't care and Richie doesn't care about the Pens fans.

"It may sound miniscule to Flyers Fans or Richards himself, but would the population of Philly want Sidney Crosby to come out and say “ROCKY IS NOT REAL”? (one of Cy’s Signs, by the way)
The answer is no, Philly would overreact extremely worse than what Penguins Fans have thus far."

Rocky isn't real.

"Maybe next time Mr. Richards won’t be so preoccupied with the fans and actually show up on the score sheet."

LOL, does he know that we won 5-2? Who cares about the score sheet.

"An even bigger thank you to Mike Richards, you just woke up a Sleeping Giant."

Is the fan base a sleeping giant? Because our fan base is never sleeping.

"…and it gets worse, that guy who always “sucks” is on path for returning in the Playoffs."

Bring it the fuck on

(I got really pumped writing the last sentence thinking about the potential second round Atlantic Division clash and I couldn't help dropping an F-bomb)

Hey guy, not only did you wake up our sleeping giant (ha), but you epitomized everything that is wrong with Pittsburgh Penguin fans.


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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