Ryan Callahan Dumps Four on Floundering Flyers, Rangers Win 7-0

NEW YORK - MARCH 06: Mats Zuccarello #36 of the New York Rangers celebrates a goal against the Philadelphia Flyers during their game on March 6, 2011 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

When one player on the opposing team outscores the Flyers by four all on his own, you can conclude that it's not going to be a fun day.

Less than a minute into the game, the Rangers began what would become a touchdown, with four of the team's first five goals coming from Ryan Callahan.

In an attempt to make this as painless as possible, let's get right to the bullets.

  • Mike Richards dropped the gloves with his BFF Brandon Dubinsky early in the second period, in a clear attempt to change the momentum. It didn't happen. I definitely respect Mike's reasonable attempt to lead by example, but he doesn't need to be putting his health at risk like that. Do your job, Jody Shelley.
  • Daniel Briere is now tied for fifth in the NHL with 30 minor penalties on the season. 30. Completely unacceptable. In the Eastern Conference, only Matt Cooke has more.
  • Sean O'Donnell has also been terrible lately.  He's finally starting to show his age, routinely getting burned in one-on-one battles and blowing several coverage shifts in the defensive end. Scratch him for a game or to to give him some rest, or just to light a fire under his ass.
  • Bob wasn't bad. He's really the only player I can say that about today.  If it hadn't been for those two late goals, maybe he could have gotten some confidence out of this one.
  • That 82-0 commercial is dumb.

The Flyers are a good team, maybe even great.  But they are playing absolutely terrible hockey right now. The trade deadline has passed, so this team is going to have to fix itself from within. Here's hoping they still can.  Forget the top seed,--they're only hanging on to home ice by six points right now.

After the jump (off a bridge), answers to questions and a comment of the night.

Questions to Answer:

  1.  Can the Flyers, for the love of everything Holy, please just play a full 60 minutes today? Umm....no.
  2. The Briere line was practically invisible yesterday and has been in a slump for a while. Can they snap out of things?  Umm....no.
  3. The penalty killing has been fantastic lately, but the frequency of chances it's been getting lately is pretty high. Can the Flyers cut down on penalties, especially since last time these teams played, they didn't take a single one? Umm....no.
  4. Slump. Over. Today. Right? Umm....no.

Comment of the Day:



Go Flyers.

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