Flyers sign Brown University star Harry Zolnierczyk

He received around 12 offers from NHL teams, but in the end, the 2011 Ivy League Player of the Year decided that Philadelphia was the right fit for him. Brown University forward Harry Zolnierczyk signed a one-year deal with the organization Monday night, according to the team.

He'll play with the Adirondack Phantoms the rest of this season on an amateur tryout contract.

The Brown Daily Herald has some details on how he selected the Flyers.

Zolnierczyk said with the help of his advisers and his family, he ultimately determined that Philadelphia presented the best opportunity to pursue his career.

"The teams that wanted to be involved made an offer," Zolnierczyk said. "And then we went back and forth and discussed who was offering what and considering the best opportunity that we felt was available to me with each team. Once we narrowed it down to a few teams, I think it was just a gut feeling. It just felt right. ... I talked it over with my mother and my agents there, and we felt Philly just had a good feeling."

College players are allowed to sign with NHL teams once their senior season ends. The Bears were swept out of the ECAC playoffs over the weekend by the Quinnipiac University Bobcats (I went there, and that's the only reason why this sentence is here). 

Zolnierczyk -- who we're just going to call "that kid from Brown" because he has an insane last name -- had 128 penalty minutes in college this year. That's in just 29 games (college has a pretty short season) and fighting isn't allowed down there. Yikes.

Tim McManus of the Post-Star has a scouting report on that kid from Brown, and it looks like he's kind of in the same mold as Tom Sestito and Zac Rinaldo. Might be some competition. 

He's a bit old, coming into his pro career at age 24, and as a result, his AHL projections are a bit high.

He's projected to score about 24 goals and 12 assists in an 82 game season at the AHL level, but those numbers would be for a 22 year old. That kid from Brown is 24, which means we should expect a bit less than that. He does continue the trend of the Flyers scouring the college and junior ranked for undrafted players at this time of year.

As we know, the draft hasn't provided many prospects in the organization of late, mostly because the Flyers hate first rounders, but the amount of these type prospects in the system is impressive. The scouts and Paul Holmgren have a knack for finding these guys. Let's hope it pays off.

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