Best Moments of Last Year's Run

Watching Jonathan Towes lift the cup while I had my razor in my hand (for shaving purposes...) was one of the worst feelings in the world. I knew that we had next season right around the corner and I was pumped as could be for that. About half way through this regular season, I had one thing on my mind: Playoffs. We'll they're here (48 hours and 25 minutes, roughly) and it got me thinking about my favorite moments of last years run.

Honorable mentiones:

Hartnell's goal to send game 6 of SCF to OT

Gags OT winner in game 4 of the Boston series

Carcillo's OT winner in game 3 of the NJ series


5. Giroux makes it a series: Such great passing, what a goal by Claude.

4. Gagne's PP goal takes the lead in game 7

3. Carter ices it: Empty net. Own zone draw. Gags/Carter/Richie on the ice. Richie's play on this shift was epic. Carter banged it home for the winner.

-Justin F. thanks for this post

2. Boosh stones Jokanen: Game 82. Briere dazzles. Boosh saves. Richie's stoned. Parenteau scores. Claude snipes five hole. "Jokanen, ROARING in... Boucher with the save, and the FLYERS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!"

1. Richie's short handed goal: That day was electric. I knew we would win. I don't know how but I knew. Even when Leights let up an easy goal to give Montreal the early 1-0 lead, I knew they had no shot. Even when we got a stupid penalty right after falling behind, something inside of me told me today was the day we were going to win the east. Then it happened. Richie decked Marc-Andre Bergeron and the puck was at center ice. Richie, Gill, and Halak all went after it, all dove, and the puck slipped past everyone. Richie got up and backhanded it home. Words cannot express the excitement in the WFC (I was there). That was the most unbelievable experience ever.


I don't care what anyone says about being ready, being prepared, whatever. The fact of the matter is that there is not a team in the East that can hang with us as far as depth and leadership are concerned---yes leadership. Richie's won at every level. Timo, Briere, and Pronger were all captains. OD's won a cup. Boosh has been on 2 long runs before.





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