ECQF Game 2: Flyers overwhelm Miller early, often to even series with 5-4 win

There is just so much to like about this photo.

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals -- Series tied, 1-1
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PHILADELPHIA -- It's hard to know what to think after a game like today. Sergei Bobrovsky gets pulled in the first period, the power play goes one-for-ten, the Flyers win the game. Huh?

Yep, the series is tied at a game a piece after a huge win on Saturday, and oddly, despite all the madness that went on inside the WFC today, you can't help but feel a little confident. Sure, the stretch of the game felt like feeding Reese's cups to somebody with a severe peanut allergy, but the Flyers didn't allow too many quality scoring chances and Brian Boucher played big, as he had to. 

In terms of analyzing the win, the Flyers certainly need to work on the power play (duh), but even in that department, the chances were much better than they have been. Taking the first period and putting it on an island of its own (an island far away from any semblance of normalcy), the penalty kill was good tonight as well.

After that first period, things calmed down in just about every aspect except the emotion department. Paul Gaustad has some issues with cleanliness, as does Patrick Kaleta. In fact, several of the Sabres definitely took the initiative in the I'm-gonna-do-something-illegal-to-cause-bodily-harm-to-a-Flyer department today. Nathan Gerbe even tried, and he's three feet tall. (Claude Giroux laughed at him in the process.) 

All in all, despite the wildness, today's win was pretty damn satisfying, as well as pretty damn important. Instead of heading to Buffalo needing to win both games, the Flyers head north with a best-of-five series in front of them. Let's do this.

A few quick notes, some post-game video, questions with answers and the comment of the day/night after the jump.

Post-Game Video: Danny Briere

Post-Game Video: Claude Giroux

More when it uploads. YouTube is slow. Check in with the BSH YouTube page here.

Questions with Answers

  1. If the Sabres D isn't at full health, which it looks like it won't be, can the Flyers exploit it and get more pucks through on Ryan Miller? The defense was at full health, so this question sucks. 
  2. Can the Flyers effectively screen Miller, so he doesn't see every damn shot he faces? I thought they did a much better job of getting bodies in front of Miller, yes. 
  3. Will Kris Versteeg and Jeff Carter step up at all? Carter, no. Versteeg, yes. Carcillo's goal in the first was all him.
  4. Danny Briere's expected to be big in this series. Can he show that today? Briere was much better today. His goal was great, but he was more than just the scorer of the GWG today. 
  5. Can Sergei Bobrovsky put in another impressive performance? Heh. 

Comment of the Night

Two goalies, one win...

>> iJewJitsu 

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