Is this a joke?!

The joke, aka Lindy Ruff's comments
For anyone who has read this, feel free to comment. For anyone who hasn't, I suggest you read it. Like most of you here, I am a die-hard Flyers fan, so forgive me if I may be a bit biased. In essence, Lindy Ruff called the Flyers a bunch of whiners. Is he trying to say that NO ONE on his team complains to the refs? That could be partially true considering the refs seem to be favoring his team just a bit. In fact, they get almost every call. No wonder he has not complained as much as Richie, Lavi, and the rest of our guys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but last night there were a few at least 5 calls that were terrible, and possibly changed the outcome of the game.


  1. Carcillo gets tripped in front of the net and ends up getting the penalty. Maybe Carcillo waved his hand in Miller's face, who knows? What I know is what I saw. Carcillo went hard to the net and stopped BEFORE the crease, got upended, and went to the box.
  2. Miller punches Carcillo in the face and they both get penalties. Huh?
  3. Richie's elbow on Kaleta. Without throwing a bow, Richie would've been flipped into Buffalo's bench. Kaleta has been taking run after run at our players without consequences. Not even Carcillo is doing that. Sure Richards deserved 2 minutes for elbowing, but a five minute major? Seriously? The worst part about it was that Francois St. Laurent (the asshole ref who has been killing us and called the phantom penalty on Timmo in OT against Phoenix) wouldn't talk to Richards about why he got a major. Francois, at least have the decency to explain the call to our CAPTAIN!
  4. Myers pushes down Briere well after the whistle. Almost every play has had some extracurricular activity, but this was blatant. Briere was minding his own business, and here comes big bad Myers and throws Danny to his backside. I would love to see him do that with Pronger in the lineup.
  5. Myers takes off his gloves (instigator?), drags Richie, and starts punching him. At the very least Myers deserved 2 minutes in the box. This is puzzling.


Am I the only one who is starting to HATE Ryan Miller?! Sure, he led our country to a silver medal last winter, and I am grateful for that. Also, he's a phenomenal goalie and is very clutch, but everyone loves him! The Versus guys are all over him about how great he is. Do they see him get away punching our guys (automatic penalty for a goalie)? He complains a hell of lot, too. I guess Lindy forgot to mention that.

As you can see, I am still livid about Game 4 and needed to vent. What'd done is done, and I KNOW our Flyers will win this series. I just hope the refs are better in Game 5 and Game 6.


This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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