This team is built for now AND the future

I think when the dust has settled and this team starts to come together, a lot of people will look back at today with a change of heart. I know I'm in the minority and will probably get killed for this post.

First off, the Richards-Carter team was a good hockey team and gave us lots of exciting moments. I will still cheer for both and wish them success but it was well documented that both were party boys. I think all the stories of a toxic locker room holds a little more weight now. This Richards led team was good enough to get there but not good enough to win it all. They had four years to prove that statement wrong. I'm not sure what team everyone is looking at that thinks we are rebuilding. We still have Briere, Giroux, JVR, Hartnell, Versteeg,Pronger, Timonen, Carle, Coburn, and Meszaros. How is this team still not built to contend now ??? Even more so in my opinion. We signed a true #1 goalie to an affordable contract !! I seriously doubt that he will play the entire length of that deal in a flyers uniform. I think it's very reasonable to see him play 4-5 years and then either be shipped out or bought out, with Bob waiting in the wings.

Second, this team has made some serious strides for the future. You bring in two highly talented, young wingers in Voracek and Simmonds. We also get the # 1 prospect in all of hockey in Schenn. And throw in three drafts picks, including the 8th overall.

So we a) kept the majority of our core, b) added some nice young talent that can help now and build for the future with the rest of our youth, c) acquired a true #1 goalie to win a cup now and help groom Bob, and d) added some draft picks to help restock the farm. I truly fail to see how today was such a disaster.

I for one am excited and can't wait to see how everything comes together. Still two big rumors out there that I wouldn't mind seeing happen. 1)Versteeg and the 8th to Florida for the third- Gets us Adam Larsson who could start next year. 2) Sign Brad Richards- I'm guessing we would send Schenn down to the Phantoms.
Even if the Flyers are completely done other than signing their guys, I'm still happy. My roster is below based off what we have now and I don't think it looks bad at all.


Kris Versteeg ($3.083m) / Claude Giroux ($3.750m) / James Van Riemsdyk ($1.654m)
Ville Leino ($3.000m) / Daniel Briere ($6.500m) / Scott Hartnell ($4.200m)
Jakub Voracek ($2.500m) / Brayden Schenn ($3.110m) / Wayne Simmonds ($2.000m)
Andreas Nodl ($1.000m) / Blair Betts ($0.700m) / Darroll Powe ($1.000m)
Eric Wellwood ($0.580m)

Matt Carle ($3.437m) / Chris Pronger ($4.921m)
Braydon Coburn ($3.200m) / Kimmo Timonen ($6.333m)
Andrej Meszaros ($4.000m) / Erik Gustafsson ($0.900m)
Oskars Bartulis ($0.600m)

Ilya Bryzgalov ($5.666m) / Sergei Bobrovsky ($1.750m)

CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,886,428; BONUSES: $3,815,000
CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $413,572

Love to know what everyone out there thinks. Like I said earlier, I know I'm in the minority so please be kind. Been a devout fan since the LOD days and I'm dying for a cup. I want a parade in Philly so bad !!! Today I think we got one step closer.

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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