BSH / Flyers Fan Retirement Post

I just... don't really like the Flyers anymore.  I though it would take a day to set in and then I'd shake this feeling but I can't get rid of it.  I've loved them since I was little.  They were so loyal to the players that gave them everything.  I could always forgive trading aging, often hurt players i.e. Brindamour, Gagne, Recchi (usually those players came around to understand it anyway and went on to great careers).  They always stayed loyal to the guys who produced and gave everything (look at the front office).

This Richards and to a lesser extent Carter is just not right on so many levels.  They signed longterm deals that gave them guaranteed money sure, but the purpose was more so to be Flyers for life.  They didn't want to switch teams with no end in sight for a time when they could choose their team.  They committed to the Flyers and the Flyers didn't keep their word.  These guys played hurt.  Richards was the first one to drop the gloves to defend someone or rally the team.  Not too many stars do that.

Hockey, with the cap, that has created so much parity, is complete luck.  There's so many strange bounces and tips during a game.  You create some luck to a certain extent but Boston easily could've been knocked out in any of those game 7s.  

Richards played amazing for Team Canada and I thought he found something, but the truth is he just wasn't being put in good positions here.  On a line with Versteeg and Powell, who would have a good playoffs?

Ed Snider sits in an office all day while these guys play hurt and get surgeries in the offseason to be rewarded like this?  How can I root for a team or organization like that?  I liked the Flyers because it didn't seem like it was all business.  There seemed to be a heart in that organization unlike even some other Philly teams that I love.

There was something in Paul Homgren's voice when he was talking about this that seemed to say he was sick to his stomach about this whole thing.  Ed Snider, who I've ALWAYS backed, stabbed fans in the back yesterday.  I don't want to win with some team I don't care about.  YOU made me care about Richards and Carter.  You can't just ship them away and expect me to keep caring.

Richards is a lot like Utley to me.  Not great with the media or a big personality, but he gave it everything and was ultra-competitive.  They both have had down years.  Utley won a World Series.  Richards lost a Stanley Cup because an AHL goalie was in net for us.  He didn't do that Ed.  You did.  You don't trade the core that has committed to you because you messed up.  

I've tried to look at this draft stuff or the new players and I just don't care.  I didn't grow up playing hockey and I don't think I love the sport itself enough to care if I don't have a vested interest in the players that play for my team.

I may pull a Michael Jordan and come back after it settles in a bit more but there has never been a time when I didn't have the slightest interest in who the Flyers acquired like I do now.  I have to step away.  I was on the fence with my awesome season tickets that they've told me are still available after a month passing since the deadline.  I let them know officially not to follow up anymore since I know I won't be renewing.  I wonder how many others are like me.  Could this be the end of the 19000 + games.  I kind of hope so.  They need a message that hurts their wallet.

BSH has been amazing.  Great writers, a ton of cool posters.  Thanks.  You can find me over at Liberty Ballers (It's looking like Snider is selling that team so they'll probably start winning). 

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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