Ramblings on Richards, Carter, and leadership change

edit: after I wrotes this, I realized "Bud" offered a similar justification, just more concise and specific with regards to the timetables of inconsistent play,  but anyways these are just my ramblings as i tried to justifty the moves and why I'm not totally against what happened, just intrigued to see what's next....


While I agree Richards and Carter werent poor leaders, more than a few times we had seen this team in the Lavy and Stevens era show up for only one period or two periods a game.  And it wasnt just our perspective, guys like Timmonen spoke out about on more than one occasion.  About how there seemed to be a lack of effort from the team on several occasions.


You cant put it all on them, but they are supposed to be the leaders of team.  I thought the inconsistent play was going to be fixed by Lavy and for a while it seemed like it was, but then the team seemed to fall back on that bad habit.


I dont know what the organization's true motivation was.  I feel like there was conflict with Richards and Lavy and with Pronger and Richards.  I think Pronger wanted to speak up more, but didnt want to step over Richards.  I feel like while Lavy was okay with Richards and Carter as leaders he wasnt a big fan either.  Again I'm not in the locker room so this is all just my speculative b.s.


I feel like this was the progression…. Flyers make known that they want Bryz.  Flyers try to sell other assets.  Other teams don’t buy and instead begin making offer after offer for Carter. Homer has no choice but to listen.  Some teams that picked up on the rumored troubles with Richards, decide what the hell and take shots for him as well.  Offers for both too good, not to consider, at least in my opinion.  So he goes to Lavy and asks here’s what we’re being offered, now tell me does this team need Mike and Jeff? 


I think Lavy messed up with the goalies, but I still trust his overall judgement, and if he believed Richards and Carter were that vital as players and leaders, they would still be here.


Let me say I am a big fan of Richards, not so much Carter, but thanks to BSH I understand his value. I wanted neither traded, but now that they have been, seeing the return, I am okay with the moves that were made.  I just feel like if the organization absolutely felt they needed them, they wouldn’t have been traded.  But they didn’t, the felt they had a chance to sell high on both players with teams banging down their door with offers b/c of Bryz and they took it. Looking at getting Simmonds, Schenn, Couturier, Voracek, and 2 picks for both players, I think the return was very good.


I don’t know who you can really blame for the inconsistency of play period to period and game to game, but I don’t think it was the goaltending and they changed coaches once already with the Richards and Carter regime, so they felt this was the next move spurred by the trade inquiries created by Bryz and cap space.  When Richards and Carter are on top of their game I think they are both amazing.  But contrary to what some think I don’t think either give their best all the time and I dont think either was ready for the leadership roles put on them by the Flyers. That's the organizations fault, but once it's been given and the contracts and annointments have been had, can you just strip  them of those leadership duties and keep on them on the team without the lockerroom suffering, apparently the Flyers opinion was that if they wanted leadership change, that meant no choice but a trade.  Although I think goaltending and cap space was still the catalyst of all of it 


It’s easy to put together a highlight reel of either one and say see they are awesome and they tried all the time.  But I’ve seen enough games where we’ve wondered where Richards and/or Carter have been all period or all game. 


In the wake of this happening we have been quick to remember only the best of Carter and Richards, and forget that during their time here it’s not like we constantly celebrated them every night either. Again it’s easy to cut together a highlight reel and assume it was like that all the time when it wasn’t.  Does that mean they deserved to be booted, I don’t know.


I really don’t have a strong opinion either way, it’s more wait and see and intrigue with me, I’m just trying to find a justification for why it happened. Perhaps the Flyers are searching for accountability and they felt they weren’t getting it with Richards and Carter. 


They’ve gotten their “number 1” goalie, they changed perhaps what they’ve perceived was a problem with player leadership.  Now it’s squarely on Lavy and veterans Pronger and Timmonen to lead.  If the same problems arise then my guess is even more changes will come.


Usually I like to be more concise and together with this kind of write up, but with a move like this, the only way I can get my thoughts out is to ramble.  The Flyers felt they were expendable, if they didnt feel that way they would still be here. 

I trust the judgement of an organization that has provided the history of winning the Flyers have. Then again consistent winning hasnt translated to winning of Stanley Cups.... and there's the catch.... and why I have no idea if this was the right move or not, I'm just going to hope. 

This item was written by a member of this community and is not necessarily endorsed by <em>Broad Street Hockey</em>.

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